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Photos of French Provincial Style Home

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French Provincial Style Bedroom

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French Provincial Style Kitchen

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French Provincial Style Home

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French Provincial Style Accessories

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Enjoy our French country interior design ideas and French provincial furniture decorating from our project

More about our French provincial interior design project:

This French inspired project was very enjoyable for all of us. Can you believe it all started with just yellow french provincial sofa furniture? We have found the yellow french provincial sofa at local estate sale and we have repainted the frame of the sofa white with touches of gold color in the crevices. The accent chairs were pink and completely redone and painted gold color with a French floral and leaf, grey and white chenille fabric. Another piece of furniture, the cocktail table was very dark brown and painted in a glossy white and the inset glass was replaced with mirror.

The dining room table and chairs were also redone with a white base and a dark brown color stained top. The cane back chairs were painted white and recovered with a yellow print fabric. A white crystal chandelier was added for the sparkle and glitz and the gorgeous white carved over sized mirror to bring extraordinary drama to the space.

The family room in this home is more relaxed with a slight touch of modern and animal, creating a cozy space to lounge.

The kitchen was created to be mostly in darker colors. Grey marble subway tile, white cabinets and a dark counter were added to some contrast.

The most important room – french inspired bedroom. The master bedroom speaks for itself with a king upholstered tufted bed with crystal insets inside the tufting. The french provincial drexel bedroom furniture set was completely refinished and redone with a metallic pewter stain and touches of gold to highlight the trimmings.

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Professional Interior Designer’s Advice For Choosing Color For Interiors

Interior colors and a few generations’ proven advice by a professional interior designer. Listen to your instincts and your feelings, think about how you want to use the space and how you feel in it. Do not let yourselves into fashion trends, marketing draws of vendors and what others like.

It is true that moderate classic is timeless. Too much variety and striking color are impressive at first glance, but in the long term it will begin to provoke and irritate it impossible to concentrate. On the contrary room furnished only in two or three colors is elegant. Bold colors are suitable for smaller items and accessories or furniture used for our convenience – seating, bed, chair. It is also true that the colors represented abundantly in nature are soothing and long-term effect on the human psyche positively.

Carefully consider the colors of the floor, walls, ceiling and large pieces of furniture. The colors of the room can visually reduce or enlarge, shorten or lengthen, take them to the light, they can calm down and worry. The basis of our feelings is a natural habitat in the wild. Darker colors absorb light, the space is not only dark, but is also optically smaller, light contrast color space increases space. Dark colors on walls enclose space and arouse feelings of unease, light walls, on the contrary, open spaces and are airy.

Appropriate color combinations floors, walls and ceiling, you can visually expand, narrow, increase or decrease the space. Too high ceilings decrease darker color in contrast with the light walls. Opposite combination, dark walls with light-ceilinged space increases and decreases.

A long narrow room can be cut with a dark color on shorter walls. Small rooms, complex-shaped walls with many corners, rooms with small windows and lack of daylight require bright colors. The room that has sloping walls look open and spacious, if walls remain white, without color. Color Density raises different feelings on the walls than on the floor. While the sky is bright, the ground beneath their feet is solid, dark. Therefore, at home works more natural light neutral walls and ceiling, then space is airy. Darker floor provides a sense of stability, too bright floors give the impression that they can not safely enter.

What applies to the walls, also applies to large pieces of furniture such as cabinets. Massive furniture will be minimally noticeable when merges with the walls, will not stand out so much into the area and will not diminish daylight. Horizontal surfaces, such as a table top or worktop, can be darker. The darker wall may be behind headboard, behind our head, there provides a sense of security.

You can look, for example, at the color wheel in any major home improvement store that has a department with paintings. One color continuously changes the color of the other and can be combined with white, black and gray. Warm colors (quiet and comfortable) are on the right, cool colors on the left. Opposite colors are contrasting, adjacent colors together harmoniously.

Green, blue or gray belongs to cooler colors that soothe and encourage action.

Yellow tones can replace the missing sun and make a room more sunnier, while in overheated rooms they will multiply feeling of hot sun, there are better to use cooler colors.

The red color is warm and popular, with the use in the interior is very strong and impressive, but also an irritant and eventually may begin to interfere. Similarly irritating colors are as well purple, deep pink, orange and other bright colors. Red and orange promote appetite, and they are useful in the kitchen and dining room.