What color will dominate the interiors in 2017?

Interior design trends 2017

This year’s decorating trends, painting, furniture coating, the choice of tiles, home decorations and accessories, but also practical subjects will be green color – the shade of freshly mowed lawn.

The Pantone color system is the largest but it is also the most commonly used for textiles, graphics, design and industry. It is a globally recognized color standard, which is used for color typology. Pantone color system was introduced in 60’s and since then it has evolved to an incredibly diverse range of colors. Every year, a jury of experts select a color of the year from this color system!

The color of the year will usually become a also current interior trend. And that is reflected in fashion and interior design. And what about the currently selected fresh, bright green color? Especially it is spring to summer shade that will bring not only to the interior freshness, lightness, optimism, but smell the fresh air as well. Additionally it will be pleasing the eyes tired after the winter and the lack of light.

Pantone 2017 color of the year

  • Greenery

The color of 2017 is a fresh green shade of specifically freshly mowed lawn – greenery. At least this color was designated from Pantone, which is the largest color system in the world. It can be therefore expected that this particular shade, but also its variations will dominate products intended for the interiors. Interior designers, architects, interior design fans get, like every year, a guidance.

Watch video about selected PANTONE Color of the Year 2017

In the Pantone color system, every color has its number. Selected Pantone color of the year 2017 has number 15-0343. The fresh green color has light yellow undertone and is more luminous than dim.

Selected color rejuvenate older interiors with classic styles, but it rather fits into the interiors for younger people. This color can work great even for darker interiors, for example, in combination with white. This will correct the feeling of unease, interior will be revitalized and will bring more light.

It’s not just furniture, textiles and home decoration. For example, a green wall with the selected 2017 color will be nice too.

Pantone color system was established and patented by the US corporation, and it is respected by interior designers, architects and fashion designers around the world. The currently selected color of 2017 respects nature and healthy lifestyle. The name of the color is greenery (green), and among other things it adds color of kale. The selected color is not the color of freshly cut grass, but also color of avocados, green apples, matcha tea, bay leaves.

Learn more about color system at pantone.com

Color Consultation And How To Deal With Black And White Interior

The overwhelming classic in color consultation. Relation of black and white color in interiors is so often discussed. Contrasting colors in interior look beautiful. But do you know what is the right mix to make your apartment not to act coldly and languidly?

If you’re addicted to a combination of black and white just recently, and do not plan to redesign your apartment, try to focus on accessories. Perfectly sufficient is black or black and white carpet, cushions, vases and all sorts of decorations.

At first glance, leaving a dominant role in the interior to black and white colors may seem like an easy task. Nothing cannot go bad with choosing these colors. However, the opposite is true. Black and white interior is very specific and often may seem very cheaply.

Let it sparkles
One solution is to select the furniture, glossy finish, which is surely not cheapness. Currently, the most trendy, classic black and white because it adds pizzazz and contributes significantly to make the interior becoming a design issue. White color with shiny finish is now highly desirable and modern. Its primary advantage is the ability to combine with other colors and patterns, such as on modern wallpaper, distinctive upholstery, carpets.


  • Dining table in glossy black with easily become the dominant feature of the interior
  • White on the glossy profile panel acts gently yet effectively
  • In the modern dynamic interior black color can still be featured most

Distinctive color element
The combination of white and black is very sharp and is suitable for young progressive people, for example, for single living. Sharp and often impersonal active combination can be easily broken by the incorporation of one or even more vivid color or more vibrant colors.


  • Just one piece of furniture in vibrant color and white interior can act more vividly
  • A combination of white, turquoise and wood works great
  • Black and white interior can brighten up even a few shades of color

Plants and flowers
You must incorporate vivid flowers and fabric into the black and white interior, because it is often sterile operating environment! Do not forget on accessories, decorations and flowers. Nowadays, people forget on home accessories such as paintings, fabrics, pillows and rugs that will make a black and white interior very nice. These accessories play an important role in the interior.


  • Airiness and purity emits from the white space. Thanks to the live plants it becomes your oasis of peace.

Wood Accessories and Elements
Black and white interior can be made more enjoyable with wood elements. It does not matter whether you choose wood flooring or wood on complementary furniture. Or even both combination. This option is ideal if you do not want the dominance of black and white interior to be disrupted by other distinctive color and still not to act sternly and formal.


  • Wood does not interfere with domination of the black and white colors and interior will soak with the heat of home
  • Single living does not have to include plentiful ornaments and decorations, but with bright wooden floor, it can still act pleasantly and harmonious
  • Black color downright belongs to a bright space with glass walls

Do you like black and white interiors? Or do you prefer interiors with more colors?

Contact us for color consultation for your apartment or home!

Enjoy our French country interior design ideas and French provincial furniture decorating from our project

More about our French provincial interior design project:

This French inspired project was very enjoyable for all of us. Can you believe it all started with just yellow french provincial sofa furniture? We have found the yellow french provincial sofa at local estate sale and we have repainted the frame of the sofa white with touches of gold color in the crevices. The accent chairs were pink and completely redone and painted gold color with a French floral and leaf, grey and white chenille fabric. Another piece of furniture, the cocktail table was very dark brown and painted in a glossy white and the inset glass was replaced with mirror.

The dining room table and chairs were also redone with a white base and a dark brown color stained top. The cane back chairs were painted white and recovered with a yellow print fabric. A white crystal chandelier was added for the sparkle and glitz and the gorgeous white carved over sized mirror to bring extraordinary drama to the space.

The family room in this home is more relaxed with a slight touch of modern and animal, creating a cozy space to lounge.

The kitchen was created to be mostly in darker colors. Grey marble subway tile, white cabinets and a dark counter were added to some contrast.

The most important room – french inspired bedroom. The master bedroom speaks for itself with a king upholstered tufted bed with crystal insets inside the tufting. The french provincial drexel bedroom furniture set was completely refinished and redone with a metallic pewter stain and touches of gold to highlight the trimmings.

See more photos from our project featuring French provincial interior design and French decorating ideas

Photos of our interior design for kitchen, living room, master bed and dining room

Our new residential interior design that included kitchen, living room, master bed, foyer, and dining room.

Interior design living room

Interior design kitchen with living room in the back view

Interior design kitchen

Interior design foyer

Interior design family room front view

Interior design dining room large detailed photo

Interior design dining room from back of room

Interior design dining room

Interior design master bed side view

Interior design master bed side view and window location

Interior design master bed front view

Interior design, accessories and decoration in dining room

Interior design, accessories and decoration in family room

Interior design, accessories and decoration in family room

Interior design stages from initial ideas to completed project

Interior design services of an interior designer
We offer custom interior design of the agreed form of visualization. Interior design can be drawn, for example in the form of a 2D floor plan visualization. The design of your interior will include an overview of the proposed materials and furnishing elements in a coherent presentation. Arrange your apartment exactly to your liking, Divas N’Design will be a great help! We will help with the implementation of your own ideas and give you valuable advice in the selection of furnishings elements. We can recommend our certified installation company.

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization living room

Interior design visualization living room

Personal interior design consultation
Consultation with interior designers can be an inspiration for you if you plan to change your interior. Consultation includes eg. the selection of of furniture and the proper floor plan layouts, selecting the type of lighting, paint, wallpaper, tile, way of shading windows and any other ideas for your interior. We can also deal with a change of layout and interior walls, flooring selection and possible alterations during consultation stage.

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized living room

Interior design finalized living room

Designing of interiors
First, we hear what you like and in what way you feels good. Then we prepare the design of your interior and together with you we finalize proposals to the final design of your interior that will meet your expectations. We can also recommend a vendor for possible construction work and the supply of furniture. We recommend firms that have relevant work experience and can meet all interior design project needs.

Interior designer or decorator?

Do you feel that your house needs change? You cannot move out and do not want, but you still would like to improve your living space. An interior decorator or interior designer can help you. We will advise you how to choose between them.

Are you thinking about transforming your housing? You go through your home and break your head over how to create a new look? You may want to consider the services of the interior designer or decorator. However, you can try and improve living space on your own. But you run the risk that you will not like the end result, eg. a bona fide buying of an expensive piece of furniture, can often results in situation that it will not fit the rest of the interior. If you want perfect results, choose a specialist. There are more than enough on the market. However, it is difficult to find the right one that suits you.

Do you know what you want?

Choose an expert according to your actual needs. If you are thinking about a major transformation of your housing and at the same time needs are changing such as you expect addition to the family or your children have long grown up, select a residential designer. He will be able to give your new space utilization and simultaneously deal with all the possible problems that the modification entails. But you must count on a greater investment. Probably is waiting for you the purchase of furniture, accessories, new plants, possibly painting the walls and other treatment. Residential designer has full knowledge and is able to create not only attractive, but also functional space that can meet your needs. In a well-designed space, people feel very comfortable.

On the contrary residential decorator does not perform major changes and generally works with a limited budget. But it is not a rule, the interior can be completely transformed cheaply and conversely also added for the big money. If you want to make your home look better, but do not intend to carry out fundamental changes, invite a residential decorator. Residential decorator only tunes interior, consolidates his style and he breathes new life. The result is a nice and pleasant space. Residential decorator does not address the issues of interior features. His knowledge is limited and not nearly as complex as a residential designer.

An example might be purchase of a new carpet. Residential decorator will be interested in its color, pattern, shape and style, simply aesthetic properties. On the contrary, residential designer will look much more extensively on the carpet. Obviously going to think about its appearance, but in addition will address how the carpet is maintained, if desired handle stress and how to dampen noise and vibration. Designer correctly also considering flammability of the materials or about whether it is suitable for allergic and does not carry static electricity.

Who is who?

Residential decorator and designer creates spaces that meet aesthetic requirements. Both can work in design studios as well as independent, yet their work is different. Residential decorator specializing in interior details and understands residential fabrics, can find the ideal curtains. They can also advise you on home accessories. But decorator is not able to fundamentally transform the interior or modify it according to the specific needs eg. for a handicapped person.

On the contrary residential designer can create from the utterly hopeless and desperate space a comfortable place where you feel good and you will not be afraid to use it. The designer is able to customize the space according to individual needs and able to adapt to their requirements. He can propose kindergarten as well as dental office, so that they are truly functional, while nice to look at. Designer’s work is therefore more complex and sophisticated.

How to find the right one?

In the US, it is often necessary for this job a license, which is granted based on completed education in the field of interior design.

At first glance, it is not possible to discern a genuine specialist from the enthusiastic amateur. Everyone can have his design studio and create interiors. Choosing a quality specialist is not at all simple. There are many designers and decorators on the market, who have expertise in the field of interior design obtained from universities, private schools and academies. Equally, there are people who are who consider themselves good for designers after one weekend course. When choosing a designer, however, do not consider only his diplomas and certificates. Paradoxically, even a person who has less theoretical knowledge, can create a great space. Crucial is an experience, a good ability to focus on market and fashion trends and the ability to communicate with the customer.

If you’re thinking about changing your interior, you should dedicate to the selection of designer or decorator some time. Let them show the results of their work and ask for references. Under no circumstances should you attempt to decide rashly, and even if you get when “unique” offer that will expire tomorrow. You are changing your living space, so you need someone who will fully concentrate and listen to you. You can directly delete design studios which paint everything from the desk and their staff do not consider important to talk to you about your imagination. If they need room size and budget, forget about them. The result of their work may be an interior that is nice to look at, but inconvenient to your needs.

Follow your feelings and intuition. If you feel that you understand the specialist and see that this designer or decorator listens to you, you are at the right address. In any case, they should not force their ideas and convince you, that you simply must have what is currently “in”, even if you do not like it. You are hiring a designer or decorator to give life to your ideas and create space for your needs.

Professional Interior Designer’s Advice For Choosing Color For Interiors

Interior colors and a few generations’ proven advice by a professional interior designer. Listen to your instincts and your feelings, think about how you want to use the space and how you feel in it. Do not let yourselves into fashion trends, marketing draws of vendors and what others like.

It is true that moderate classic is timeless. Too much variety and striking color are impressive at first glance, but in the long term it will begin to provoke and irritate it impossible to concentrate. On the contrary room furnished only in two or three colors is elegant. Bold colors are suitable for smaller items and accessories or furniture used for our convenience – seating, bed, chair. It is also true that the colors represented abundantly in nature are soothing and long-term effect on the human psyche positively.

Carefully consider the colors of the floor, walls, ceiling and large pieces of furniture. The colors of the room can visually reduce or enlarge, shorten or lengthen, take them to the light, they can calm down and worry. The basis of our feelings is a natural habitat in the wild. Darker colors absorb light, the space is not only dark, but is also optically smaller, light contrast color space increases space. Dark colors on walls enclose space and arouse feelings of unease, light walls, on the contrary, open spaces and are airy.

Appropriate color combinations floors, walls and ceiling, you can visually expand, narrow, increase or decrease the space. Too high ceilings decrease darker color in contrast with the light walls. Opposite combination, dark walls with light-ceilinged space increases and decreases.

A long narrow room can be cut with a dark color on shorter walls. Small rooms, complex-shaped walls with many corners, rooms with small windows and lack of daylight require bright colors. The room that has sloping walls look open and spacious, if walls remain white, without color. Color Density raises different feelings on the walls than on the floor. While the sky is bright, the ground beneath their feet is solid, dark. Therefore, at home works more natural light neutral walls and ceiling, then space is airy. Darker floor provides a sense of stability, too bright floors give the impression that they can not safely enter.

What applies to the walls, also applies to large pieces of furniture such as cabinets. Massive furniture will be minimally noticeable when merges with the walls, will not stand out so much into the area and will not diminish daylight. Horizontal surfaces, such as a table top or worktop, can be darker. The darker wall may be behind headboard, behind our head, there provides a sense of security.

You can look, for example, at the color wheel in any major home improvement store that has a department with paintings. One color continuously changes the color of the other and can be combined with white, black and gray. Warm colors (quiet and comfortable) are on the right, cool colors on the left. Opposite colors are contrasting, adjacent colors together harmoniously.

Green, blue or gray belongs to cooler colors that soothe and encourage action.

Yellow tones can replace the missing sun and make a room more sunnier, while in overheated rooms they will multiply feeling of hot sun, there are better to use cooler colors.

The red color is warm and popular, with the use in the interior is very strong and impressive, but also an irritant and eventually may begin to interfere. Similarly irritating colors are as well purple, deep pink, orange and other bright colors. Red and orange promote appetite, and they are useful in the kitchen and dining room.

Chicago Interior Designers Advice For Home Staging And Real Estate Agents

Home Staging gives real estate agencies and real estate agents significant benefits:

  • Your real estate properties will excel in comparison with competing real estate agents.
  • You will look more credible – you are not only just selling the property, but you are able to do sale professionally and recommend small adjustments or a professional home staging services necessary for the successful sale of the property.
  • Do you want to be a real estate agency that offers attractive landscaped property or just average property like the others?
  • It will also improve your marketing – if the property is well prepared and photographed, so it basically presents itself.
  • You will spend less time when selling a real estate and at the same time you will increase your own prestige by quick sale of real estate ( home, residences, apartment building or condominium ).
  • Currently, home staging has become an indispensable marketing tool in selling real estate. The current market is characterized by its competitivity which is won by real estate agents only who has the sharp elbows.
  • In the US, more than 75% of sales of real estate brokers use the home staging services.
  • Your marketed properties, which used home staging, will sell faster and in many cases at a higher price. Higher price = higher commissions for real estate agent.
  • Home staging is always cheaper option than a price reduction of the property.
  • If you sell the property faster, you will improve the reputation of your business. Each home seller expects to sell the property as soon as possible.
  • In the current situation on the real estate market, fast property selling can be achieved only in case that your offered property will differ from other properties on the market.
  • You will get more clients. Only a satisfied client will refer you to their friends, who are selling or buying property. More than half of the clients use real estate agencies services of a real estate agency that was recommended to him/her.
  • If you do not start using home staging for you or your firm, than surely these home staging services will be soon used your local competitors.
  • The first step to a successful sale are professionally photographed properties.
  • Enticing photo will appeal to more potential buyers who come and see the property – this will increase the likelihood of a quick sale.
  • Professional home stager is quickly becoming part of team of the successful real estate professionals and real estate firms.

What can you expect when using our home staging service:

  • You will learn how to convince the client about modifying estate for a successful sale.
  • You will learn to present the home staging as a proven and valuable service.
  • You will not be able to recommend inexpensive modifications that increase the value of the property, but also possible solutions to cope with their implementation.

Who use our home staging service most:

  • real estate developers
  • real estate agents
  • home builders and remodelers
  • home sellers
  • architects

Please contact us if you are interested in home staging for your real estate property.

Chicago Interior Designers And Their Living Room Design Ideas For Condo Or Apartment

5 Smart Ways To Restructure Your Living Room By Chicago Interior Designers

The living room is the center of the home. We organize family celebrations there, we meet friends there and every night we used this room to relax. Therefore, from time to time living room deserves change.

1st Change – integrating the home office
Even if just no one in your family is working from home, you may need such a small home office. Everyone sometimes needs to deal with some paperwork, put his/her accounts in order, to study or work on the computer. You can have a table and perhaps a computer in the back of the living room that will be used according to current needs.

2nd Change – add so-called sun room
How do we get as much sun as possible into the room? By adding a glassed-in porch or outdoor living room that does not have a classical wall, but instead glass will be down to the floor. So you get enough sun light into your existing room. This extra room will increase the overall value of your home or condo as well.

3rd Change – Replace old windows with new ones
Replacement of new windows is difficult and expensive operation, but as the result you will surely find that after you replace old with new, efficient, you will reduce energy costs. Not only that, new windows will also improve the overall appearance of not only the living room but also the entire house or condo. In addition, if you choose impact-resistant glass, you can reduce a probable burglary in your place.

4th Change – search for additional storage space
Storage space is never enough and always can come in handy more. Try to find in your living room a place to discreetly hide media systems, personal belongings or for whatever else you’ve been looking for to store in your condo or apartment. Add recessed lighting inside the shelves, look for wall niches and built-ins, which could be used for additional storage space.

5th Change – home management of technologies from mobile devices
Install an affordable speaker systems that can be controlled via mobile phone. Thanks to smart phones, today, we can control remotely even lighting equipment, refrigeration systems, control the curtains or blinds, or already mentioned surround audio, or security camera equipment and protection to your home.

If you need help with organizing, decorating, choosing the best furniture accessories, or improving of your living room for your Chicago home, condo or apartment, you can always hire experienced interior designers. You can call Divas N’ Design if you reside in Chicago area.

Interior Design Firm From Chicago Offers Smart Tips For Small Kitchen

Learn more about small kitchen design and some clever tips from Chicago’s interior design firm.

Do you have a small kitchen? Then you need these important and especially practical tips on placement of kitchen utensils. And we have these interior design tips for you!

Because the kitchen itself is usually the most important part of every house and apartment, we should feel comfortable in it and well, regardless of the space. So let’s look at how well it can look in the details of sophisticated small kitchens that are great source of many good ideas. You do not have to be a passionate chefs or not even have to cook every day to appreciate a well-organized and functional kitchen interior design.

  • In a small area it is necessary to maintain permanently order and cleanliness.
  • In the narrow kitchen it is necessary to use all the available space on the walls.
  • You have to think smart and look for storage space on less usual places.

It is necessary to get a working hinged worktop, which can be, in the case of working on the stove or in the sink, just moved up and after finishing work in these areas again fold down back.

Do not select furniture for the small kitchen that contains any robust pieces and choose colors for a small kitchen that are in a decent and not too bold shades. Remember that you have available all areas, including those areas above the cabinets. Ideal solution for storing and keeping objects are wall shelves, which always acts airy, unlike enclosed cabinet. Everything you need in the kitchen should be rather in smooth and simple pattern. To take advantage for of all kitchen items, use suspension systems, hooks and trays. Try to revive your small kitchen with fresh elements. Search for simple and practical solutions for storing items.

So do not worry, even if your kitchen is small, you can always improve it in some way and take advantage of the area’s best and what you have available. In fact, there are plenty of imaginative interior design solutions for small kitchens. We have dealt with these issues many times during our interior design project for various clients’ places located in Chicago and suburbs.

If you live in Chicagoland area, you can also hire a professional interior design firm Divas N’ Design at (847) 883-9200 to take care of all aspects related to improvements of your kitchen and any other rooms in your house.