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With more than 10 years of experience in my case means hundreds of successful projects and above all enthusiastic clients. The cornerstone of these perfect results is the extraordinary relationship with the client, based on mutual respect and trust. I will present myself and the client’s requirements with maximum attention. Thanks to that, I can prepare the best possible solutions tailored to a particular person.

That’s how I design the interior of a large family house and the design, condos of a mini studios for singles. In the same way I created dozens of interior projects as shown on a local Chicago TV show.

I design interiors of family houses, interior interiors of all sizes and commercial interiors including design of hotels, bars, offices and medical businesses. Thanks to the great realization team, I will ensure the transformation of the design into a real and nice interior.

My interior design experience and knowledge are available to you or your company.

First steps, dates and pricing.
Each project is different and the design is different as well. In order to create the best interior for you, I need to study plans or photos of the space you want to transform and know your ideas and expectations. You can send me this information via email or we can arrange a personal meeting. Then, I will prepare for you a model of cooperation that will exactly match the nature of your project. You will get know the real terms and the price of the project.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

How Interior Design Works via the Internet


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Interior design has changed with the development of the Internet and online services, a new service of remote Interior Design and Decorating has emerged. You can find it by using phrases like “online interior design”, “online interior decorating”,  “e-design”, or “online interior designer”.

The main difference in comparison to the “classic” interior designer, is that the online method is strictly done via internet and not in person. Part of the work that is commonly done by the interior designer,  measurements, photographs, initial interview, etc., is done by the client with guidance by the interior designer.

Online interior design

  • 1. The Interior Designer will help the client to define his needs and vision through details online. A questionnaire form will help define the details and the Designer will obtain and review the information.
  • 2. The Client uses the instructions from the Designer. The Client will measure, record the interior dimensions, draw up a simple plan and send it all to the Designer via Internet
  • 3. The Designer will create a plan for the project scope, which will be sent to the client via e-mail. If the concept is accepted by the Client, then, the Client will be asked to pay a pre-agreed price. Payment can be also requested completely before starting the contract agreement, even before creating the project plan.
  • 4. The online design process is very much the same as the classic design process. The designer creates the layout, color palette, project scope and a list of recommended products, including the budget.
  • 5. The realization of project is done by the client on their own. The Designer can include in the project development, links and contacts for recommend work procedures and trades to complete the project.

Interior design online

The main advantage of the online interior design process is the fact that it is more affordable than conventional Interior Design services and will cost less, because part of the work is done by the Client.

Online Interior Design services can be used by anyone, who resides in the US and all you need is access to the internet . The online interior design service is definitely not for everyone, if a Client needs more “one on one” communication and visualization, it would better for the client to contact a local Interior Designer, as, the Client can collaborate with the Designer in person.

Online Interior Design is relatively a new service that we offer. It’s an interesting option, especially if a Client wants quick suggestions and this service can also differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


Color Consultation And How To Deal With Black And White Interior


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The overwhelming classic in color consultation. Relation of black and white color in interiors is so often discussed. Contrasting colors in interior look beautiful. But do you know what is the right mix to make your apartment not to act coldly and languidly?

If you’re addicted to a combination of black and white just recently, and do not plan to redesign your apartment, try to focus on accessories. Perfectly sufficient is black or black and white carpet, cushions, vases and all sorts of decorations.

At first glance, leaving a dominant role in the interior to black and white colors may seem like an easy task. Nothing cannot go bad with choosing these colors. However, the opposite is true. Black and white interior is very specific and often may seem very cheaply.

Let it sparkles
One solution is to select the furniture, glossy finish, which is surely not cheapness. Currently, the most trendy, classic black and white because it adds pizzazz and contributes significantly to make the interior becoming a design issue. White color with shiny finish is now highly desirable and modern. Its primary advantage is the ability to combine with other colors and patterns, such as on modern wallpaper, distinctive upholstery, carpets.


  • Dining table in glossy black with easily become the dominant feature of the interior
  • White on the glossy profile panel acts gently yet effectively
  • In the modern dynamic interior black color can still be featured most

Distinctive color element
The combination of white and black is very sharp and is suitable for young progressive people, for example, for single living. Sharp and often impersonal active combination can be easily broken by the incorporation of one or even more vivid color or more vibrant colors.


  • Just one piece of furniture in vibrant color and white interior can act more vividly
  • A combination of white, turquoise and wood works great
  • Black and white interior can brighten up even a few shades of color

Plants and flowers
You must incorporate vivid flowers and fabric into the black and white interior, because it is often sterile operating environment! Do not forget on accessories, decorations and flowers. Nowadays, people forget on home accessories such as paintings, fabrics, pillows and rugs that will make a black and white interior very nice. These accessories play an important role in the interior.


  • Airiness and purity emits from the white space. Thanks to the live plants it becomes your oasis of peace.

Wood Accessories and Elements
Black and white interior can be made more enjoyable with wood elements. It does not matter whether you choose wood flooring or wood on complementary furniture. Or even both combination. This option is ideal if you do not want the dominance of black and white interior to be disrupted by other distinctive color and still not to act sternly and formal.


  • Wood does not interfere with domination of the black and white colors and interior will soak with the heat of home
  • Single living does not have to include plentiful ornaments and decorations, but with bright wooden floor, it can still act pleasantly and harmonious
  • Black color downright belongs to a bright space with glass walls

Do you like black and white interiors? Or do you prefer interiors with more colors?

Contact us for color consultation for your apartment or home!

Interior design stages from initial ideas to completed project


Interior design services of an interior designer
We offer custom interior design of the agreed form of visualization. Interior design can be drawn, for example in the form of a 2D floor plan visualization. The design of your interior will include an overview of the proposed materials and furnishing elements in a coherent presentation. Arrange your apartment exactly to your liking, Divas N’Design will be a great help! We will help with the implementation of your own ideas and give you valuable advice in the selection of furnishings elements. We can recommend our certified installation company.

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization living room

Interior design visualization living room

Personal interior design consultation
Consultation with interior designers can be an inspiration for you if you plan to change your interior. Consultation includes eg. the selection of of furniture and the proper floor plan layouts, selecting the type of lighting, paint, wallpaper, tile, way of shading windows and any other ideas for your interior. We can also deal with a change of layout and interior walls, flooring selection and possible alterations during consultation stage.

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized living room

Interior design finalized living room

Designing of interiors
First, we hear what you like and in what way you feels good. Then we prepare the design of your interior and together with you we finalize proposals to the final design of your interior that will meet your expectations. We can also recommend a vendor for possible construction work and the supply of furniture. We recommend firms that have relevant work experience and can meet all interior design project needs.

What Is The Difference Between Interior Designer And Decorator


People often confuse interior designer and decorator. What is the difference between them?

Interior Designer

The layout and function of interior is the work of the interior designer. Designer not only solves the space aesthetically, but will also address the functionality of space. Interior designer not only decorates and arranges, but also connects the usefulness of the interior – so that it fits its intended purposes, strength – from what will be the interior made/furnished, puts emphasis on the quality and endurance and, of course, charm – aesthetic value and visual appeal of the interior.

Interior Decorator

Interior decorator deals with aesthetic elements of the home, you are able to advise on home textiles (curtains, draperies, blankets, pillows, etc.), select a color matched accessories (vases, paintings, flower pots etc.), but does not interfere in the layout and function of interior.

Residential interior designer, architect or decorator?


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Currently, the interior design is very popular in the Chicago. There are many magazines, television shows and various fairs and other events that feature the interior design theme. If you start to deal with interior design personally, in your own house or in a rented apartment, a question will arise in your mind: can I solve it by myself or should I ask an expert?

In a case, you choose option to have the interior designed and possibly even realized from professionals, a question number two will arise: Do I need the interior designer, architect or decorator, and what is the difference between them?

In order to make it clear, we will try to answer these questions.

Residential designer
Residential designer is basically the same as interior designer. It’s just another word in the English language. Let him or her will call the residential designer or the interior designer, he or she would help with the overall layout of the apartment, analyze the layout of rooms, solve ergonomics, select and propose specific furniture elements, as well as the floor, painting, doors, textiles, lighting and other accessories. In fact, it should be a custom proposal. Form of proposal will depend on your agreement. For someone it can be just sketch, while for others it will be 2D or 3D visualization. But the important thing is that he or she is an expert and understand their work.

And exactly how to choose the designer: Focus on references, length of experience and education. The designing the interiors is often unregulated and so the design work can be operated by anyone. Anyone can print a business card, even the one, who does not fully understand the interior design field. Therefore, feel free to ask in advance on the length of practice, ready-made design and implementation or education, so you will not be disappointed later. When a designer is well chosen, you will save a lot of time, you will have a coordinated interior designed specifically for you and the right choice of elements and guidance can also save considerable funds.

Residential architect
The term residential architect should use only person who has the university degree. For you, as a client, would it not be a big difference. Architects usually specialize in construction and exteriors and can certainly solve interiors. Quite often, they propose both. Architect usually create sketch or conceptual design of the interior, which should clearly identify the style. The downside may be that architect does not go too much into interior details, but it is very individual. Again ask for interior design practice, specialization, etc. The title or degree does not guarantee quality, so it is important to ask for the finished design or past implementation.

Residential decorator
Also, you may encounter an offer of decorating services. This is essentially a means of tuning interior accessories, decorations, colors and other details. Decorator should not go into design solution or layout of kitchens, bathrooms and other complex projects. It should be a color-matching and introducing the atmosphere into the interior. You can invite decorator, if you do not know how to paint, how to choose a chandelier, new wallpaper or fabric. This service is often also used in public interiors and can mingle with arranging or similar services.

Interior designer or decorator?


Do you feel that your house needs change? You cannot move out and do not want, but you still would like to improve your living space. An interior decorator or interior designer can help you. We will advise you how to choose between them.

Are you thinking about transforming your housing? You go through your home and break your head over how to create a new look? You may want to consider the services of the interior designer or decorator. However, you can try and improve living space on your own. But you run the risk that you will not like the end result, eg. a bona fide buying of an expensive piece of furniture, can often results in situation that it will not fit the rest of the interior. If you want perfect results, choose a specialist. There are more than enough on the market. However, it is difficult to find the right one that suits you.

Do you know what you want?

Choose an expert according to your actual needs. If you are thinking about a major transformation of your housing and at the same time needs are changing such as you expect addition to the family or your children have long grown up, select a residential designer. He will be able to give your new space utilization and simultaneously deal with all the possible problems that the modification entails. But you must count on a greater investment. Probably is waiting for you the purchase of furniture, accessories, new plants, possibly painting the walls and other treatment. Residential designer has full knowledge and is able to create not only attractive, but also functional space that can meet your needs. In a well-designed space, people feel very comfortable.

On the contrary residential decorator does not perform major changes and generally works with a limited budget. But it is not a rule, the interior can be completely transformed cheaply and conversely also added for the big money. If you want to make your home look better, but do not intend to carry out fundamental changes, invite a residential decorator. Residential decorator only tunes interior, consolidates his style and he breathes new life. The result is a nice and pleasant space. Residential decorator does not address the issues of interior features. His knowledge is limited and not nearly as complex as a residential designer.

An example might be purchase of a new carpet. Residential decorator will be interested in its color, pattern, shape and style, simply aesthetic properties. On the contrary, residential designer will look much more extensively on the carpet. Obviously going to think about its appearance, but in addition will address how the carpet is maintained, if desired handle stress and how to dampen noise and vibration. Designer correctly also considering flammability of the materials or about whether it is suitable for allergic and does not carry static electricity.

Who is who?

Residential decorator and designer creates spaces that meet aesthetic requirements. Both can work in design studios as well as independent, yet their work is different. Residential decorator specializing in interior details and understands residential fabrics, can find the ideal curtains. They can also advise you on home accessories. But decorator is not able to fundamentally transform the interior or modify it according to the specific needs eg. for a handicapped person.

On the contrary residential designer can create from the utterly hopeless and desperate space a comfortable place where you feel good and you will not be afraid to use it. The designer is able to customize the space according to individual needs and able to adapt to their requirements. He can propose kindergarten as well as dental office, so that they are truly functional, while nice to look at. Designer’s work is therefore more complex and sophisticated.

How to find the right one?

In the US, it is often necessary for this job a license, which is granted based on completed education in the field of interior design.

At first glance, it is not possible to discern a genuine specialist from the enthusiastic amateur. Everyone can have his design studio and create interiors. Choosing a quality specialist is not at all simple. There are many designers and decorators on the market, who have expertise in the field of interior design obtained from universities, private schools and academies. Equally, there are people who are who consider themselves good for designers after one weekend course. When choosing a designer, however, do not consider only his diplomas and certificates. Paradoxically, even a person who has less theoretical knowledge, can create a great space. Crucial is an experience, a good ability to focus on market and fashion trends and the ability to communicate with the customer.

If you’re thinking about changing your interior, you should dedicate to the selection of designer or decorator some time. Let them show the results of their work and ask for references. Under no circumstances should you attempt to decide rashly, and even if you get when “unique” offer that will expire tomorrow. You are changing your living space, so you need someone who will fully concentrate and listen to you. You can directly delete design studios which paint everything from the desk and their staff do not consider important to talk to you about your imagination. If they need room size and budget, forget about them. The result of their work may be an interior that is nice to look at, but inconvenient to your needs.

Follow your feelings and intuition. If you feel that you understand the specialist and see that this designer or decorator listens to you, you are at the right address. In any case, they should not force their ideas and convince you, that you simply must have what is currently “in”, even if you do not like it. You are hiring a designer or decorator to give life to your ideas and create space for your needs.

Professional Interior Designer’s Advice For Choosing Color For Interiors


Interior colors and a few generations’ proven advice by a professional interior designer. Listen to your instincts and your feelings, think about how you want to use the space and how you feel in it. Do not let yourselves into fashion trends, marketing draws of vendors and what others like.

It is true that moderate classic is timeless. Too much variety and striking color are impressive at first glance, but in the long term it will begin to provoke and irritate it impossible to concentrate. On the contrary room furnished only in two or three colors is elegant. Bold colors are suitable for smaller items and accessories or furniture used for our convenience – seating, bed, chair. It is also true that the colors represented abundantly in nature are soothing and long-term effect on the human psyche positively.

Carefully consider the colors of the floor, walls, ceiling and large pieces of furniture. The colors of the room can visually reduce or enlarge, shorten or lengthen, take them to the light, they can calm down and worry. The basis of our feelings is a natural habitat in the wild. Darker colors absorb light, the space is not only dark, but is also optically smaller, light contrast color space increases space. Dark colors on walls enclose space and arouse feelings of unease, light walls, on the contrary, open spaces and are airy.

Appropriate color combinations floors, walls and ceiling, you can visually expand, narrow, increase or decrease the space. Too high ceilings decrease darker color in contrast with the light walls. Opposite combination, dark walls with light-ceilinged space increases and decreases.

A long narrow room can be cut with a dark color on shorter walls. Small rooms, complex-shaped walls with many corners, rooms with small windows and lack of daylight require bright colors. The room that has sloping walls look open and spacious, if walls remain white, without color. Color Density raises different feelings on the walls than on the floor. While the sky is bright, the ground beneath their feet is solid, dark. Therefore, at home works more natural light neutral walls and ceiling, then space is airy. Darker floor provides a sense of stability, too bright floors give the impression that they can not safely enter.

What applies to the walls, also applies to large pieces of furniture such as cabinets. Massive furniture will be minimally noticeable when merges with the walls, will not stand out so much into the area and will not diminish daylight. Horizontal surfaces, such as a table top or worktop, can be darker. The darker wall may be behind headboard, behind our head, there provides a sense of security.

You can look, for example, at the color wheel in any major home improvement store that has a department with paintings. One color continuously changes the color of the other and can be combined with white, black and gray. Warm colors (quiet and comfortable) are on the right, cool colors on the left. Opposite colors are contrasting, adjacent colors together harmoniously.

Green, blue or gray belongs to cooler colors that soothe and encourage action.

Yellow tones can replace the missing sun and make a room more sunnier, while in overheated rooms they will multiply feeling of hot sun, there are better to use cooler colors.

The red color is warm and popular, with the use in the interior is very strong and impressive, but also an irritant and eventually may begin to interfere. Similarly irritating colors are as well purple, deep pink, orange and other bright colors. Red and orange promote appetite, and they are useful in the kitchen and dining room.

Interior Design In Glencoe Home Featuring Entry Area


Interior design and concept of this Glencoe home is governed by simple rules:

Doors, interior window frames and sills are in light brown. Fittings, blinds and outdoor window frames, are in the same color as the exterior plaster. The interior doors are from quality wood, window sills flush with the wall and the tiles are in large size – up to the ceiling, made by stonemasons corner. The unifying element in all parts of the home are rectangular edges, eg. on sink, batteries, fittings, lights, etc.

All the colors used in the home are in neutral shades, so client will not be limited when furnishing his/her place with new furniture, decorations and other accessories in the future. Attractive feature of the home is the use of large glass surfaces, which provide sufficient daylight in the whole place and unobstructed views.

We have also prepared and used a wide range of optional, high quality material and accessories at affordable prices.

Entry area photo:

Glencoe interior design project entry area
Interior Design in Glencoe Home Showing Entry Area’s Selected Colors And Lighting

About Glencoe, IL:
Village of Glencoe is located on suburban Chicago’s North Shore. The village of Glencoe is surrounded on three sides by upper income communities, with Highland Park on the north, Northbrook on the west, and Winnetka to the south. Village is predominantly a single-family residential area with many larger homes. Divas N’ Design, a Chicago interior design firm, did several home improvements project in Glencoe that also included complete interior re-design and new room decorations and furniture accessories.

Interior Design And Decorations Steps And Costs Information


We mainly work on interior design and decorations for these kind of premises:
The interior of the family house
Interior of the apartment or condo
The interior of the home office

Proposal For Interior Decorations
Under the term of interior decoration you can imagine trivia that serves daily, but also aesthetic elements in the form of sculptures and paintings. Sheets consist of example decorations which would be appropriate to use in a particular area.

Colour And Material Solutions
Interior rooms require alignment of materials and colors to work harmoniously. The first impulse to transform the interior is to identifying materials of furniture, fabrics and overall color matching. Whether it is an apartment or room colors can generally act romantically or vice versa cleanly with designer furniture. The actual choice of colors and color influence on us can be positive, reassuring or aggressively. An important way is finding is the right colors for your place.

Selection Of Wallpapers, Fabrics And Lighting
Appropriate selection of wallpapers and fabrics and high-quality carpets are the means to the cosiness of the environment in which we live. An indispensable part of the interior is area with good lighting, as well as indirect lighting.

Selection Of Furniture
In Chicago market, there are many companies dealing with production of furniture, or its sale. When determining the financial limit by client, it is possible to compile sheets detailing the demand for a certain commodity. At the same time sheets meet aesthetic demands and requirements of the client to a specific furniture. We can choose the option that is financially very affordable, but we can also choose a costly variant with high demands on material quality and workmanship.

Custom Made Furniture
Furniture designed according to the client will be custom made. In order to be manufactured, it is necessary to create proper documentation. The proposal is processed in couple of versions – ground plan and spatially. The selected option is complemented by the dimension for fixtures or lighting. It is not a problem to create draft of atypical furniture for the whole room or just as a solitaire, a separate piece of jewelry in the form of furniture.

Implementation Interior Design And Decorations
If a client decide to hire us for an interior design project, we offer its realization from the start to finish. We will deal with all technical professions such as painters, decorator, carpenters, cleaning, etc. so client will be 100% satisfied with our interior design and room decoration work.

Cost of interior design and decorations in Chicago
Project cost for interior design project is usually in the range between $5,000 to $150,000+. Costs depend on client’s requirements and material choices. We have worked with all kind of clients’ budgets, small and large budgets. We can work with any budget and improve your place.