Interior design consultant and designer Lyn Gottlieb talks with Dina Bair on Chicago’s WGN-TV News

Divas N’ Design consultant and designer Lyn Gottlieb chatted with Dina Bair. Dina Bair ( ) is award-winning journalist who is currently the anchor for WGN TV News. Dina Bair profile on WGN-TV. They talk about unique ways in which you can redesign and reinvent your home decor for the new year. The ladies talked about budgeting, starting a new interior design project and much more! If you missed our fabulous news segment, you can watch the clip here for more tips and ideas.

Free interior decorating tip from Lyn Gottlieb:
Your cost and budget is very important, so you should prioritize the type of updates that you want to do. You can make big changes that are cost effective, simply by changing the colors of your walls, adding throw pillows, and a new accent color. Use lighter colors in the spring and summer, and more robust, darker tones in the fall or winter.

Residential interior designer, architect or decorator?

Currently, the interior design is very popular in the Chicago. There are many magazines, television shows and various fairs and other events that feature the interior design theme. If you start to deal with interior design personally, in your own house or in a rented apartment, a question will arise in your mind: can I solve it by myself or should I ask an expert?

In a case, you choose option to have the interior designed and possibly even realized from professionals, a question number two will arise: Do I need the interior designer, architect or decorator, and what is the difference between them?

In order to make it clear, we will try to answer these questions.

Residential designer
Residential designer is basically the same as interior designer. It’s just another word in the English language. Let him or her will call the residential designer or the interior designer, he or she would help with the overall layout of the apartment, analyze the layout of rooms, solve ergonomics, select and propose specific furniture elements, as well as the floor, painting, doors, textiles, lighting and other accessories. In fact, it should be a custom proposal. Form of proposal will depend on your agreement. For someone it can be just sketch, while for others it will be 2D or 3D visualization. But the important thing is that he or she is an expert and understand their work.

And exactly how to choose the designer: Focus on references, length of experience and education. The designing the interiors is often unregulated and so the design work can be operated by anyone. Anyone can print a business card, even the one, who does not fully understand the interior design field. Therefore, feel free to ask in advance on the length of practice, ready-made design and implementation or education, so you will not be disappointed later. When a designer is well chosen, you will save a lot of time, you will have a coordinated interior designed specifically for you and the right choice of elements and guidance can also save considerable funds.

Residential architect
The term residential architect should use only person who has the university degree. For you, as a client, would it not be a big difference. Architects usually specialize in construction and exteriors and can certainly solve interiors. Quite often, they propose both. Architect usually create sketch or conceptual design of the interior, which should clearly identify the style. The downside may be that architect does not go too much into interior details, but it is very individual. Again ask for interior design practice, specialization, etc. The title or degree does not guarantee quality, so it is important to ask for the finished design or past implementation.

Residential decorator
Also, you may encounter an offer of decorating services. This is essentially a means of tuning interior accessories, decorations, colors and other details. Decorator should not go into design solution or layout of kitchens, bathrooms and other complex projects. It should be a color-matching and introducing the atmosphere into the interior. You can invite decorator, if you do not know how to paint, how to choose a chandelier, new wallpaper or fabric. This service is often also used in public interiors and can mingle with arranging or similar services.

Interior designer or decorator?

Do you feel that your house needs change? You cannot move out and do not want, but you still would like to improve your living space. An interior decorator or interior designer can help you. We will advise you how to choose between them.

Are you thinking about transforming your housing? You go through your home and break your head over how to create a new look? You may want to consider the services of the interior designer or decorator. However, you can try and improve living space on your own. But you run the risk that you will not like the end result, eg. a bona fide buying of an expensive piece of furniture, can often results in situation that it will not fit the rest of the interior. If you want perfect results, choose a specialist. There are more than enough on the market. However, it is difficult to find the right one that suits you.

Do you know what you want?

Choose an expert according to your actual needs. If you are thinking about a major transformation of your housing and at the same time needs are changing such as you expect addition to the family or your children have long grown up, select a residential designer. He will be able to give your new space utilization and simultaneously deal with all the possible problems that the modification entails. But you must count on a greater investment. Probably is waiting for you the purchase of furniture, accessories, new plants, possibly painting the walls and other treatment. Residential designer has full knowledge and is able to create not only attractive, but also functional space that can meet your needs. In a well-designed space, people feel very comfortable.

On the contrary residential decorator does not perform major changes and generally works with a limited budget. But it is not a rule, the interior can be completely transformed cheaply and conversely also added for the big money. If you want to make your home look better, but do not intend to carry out fundamental changes, invite a residential decorator. Residential decorator only tunes interior, consolidates his style and he breathes new life. The result is a nice and pleasant space. Residential decorator does not address the issues of interior features. His knowledge is limited and not nearly as complex as a residential designer.

An example might be purchase of a new carpet. Residential decorator will be interested in its color, pattern, shape and style, simply aesthetic properties. On the contrary, residential designer will look much more extensively on the carpet. Obviously going to think about its appearance, but in addition will address how the carpet is maintained, if desired handle stress and how to dampen noise and vibration. Designer correctly also considering flammability of the materials or about whether it is suitable for allergic and does not carry static electricity.

Who is who?

Residential decorator and designer creates spaces that meet aesthetic requirements. Both can work in design studios as well as independent, yet their work is different. Residential decorator specializing in interior details and understands residential fabrics, can find the ideal curtains. They can also advise you on home accessories. But decorator is not able to fundamentally transform the interior or modify it according to the specific needs eg. for a handicapped person.

On the contrary residential designer can create from the utterly hopeless and desperate space a comfortable place where you feel good and you will not be afraid to use it. The designer is able to customize the space according to individual needs and able to adapt to their requirements. He can propose kindergarten as well as dental office, so that they are truly functional, while nice to look at. Designer’s work is therefore more complex and sophisticated.

How to find the right one?

In the US, it is often necessary for this job a license, which is granted based on completed education in the field of interior design.

At first glance, it is not possible to discern a genuine specialist from the enthusiastic amateur. Everyone can have his design studio and create interiors. Choosing a quality specialist is not at all simple. There are many designers and decorators on the market, who have expertise in the field of interior design obtained from universities, private schools and academies. Equally, there are people who are who consider themselves good for designers after one weekend course. When choosing a designer, however, do not consider only his diplomas and certificates. Paradoxically, even a person who has less theoretical knowledge, can create a great space. Crucial is an experience, a good ability to focus on market and fashion trends and the ability to communicate with the customer.

If you’re thinking about changing your interior, you should dedicate to the selection of designer or decorator some time. Let them show the results of their work and ask for references. Under no circumstances should you attempt to decide rashly, and even if you get when “unique” offer that will expire tomorrow. You are changing your living space, so you need someone who will fully concentrate and listen to you. You can directly delete design studios which paint everything from the desk and their staff do not consider important to talk to you about your imagination. If they need room size and budget, forget about them. The result of their work may be an interior that is nice to look at, but inconvenient to your needs.

Follow your feelings and intuition. If you feel that you understand the specialist and see that this designer or decorator listens to you, you are at the right address. In any case, they should not force their ideas and convince you, that you simply must have what is currently “in”, even if you do not like it. You are hiring a designer or decorator to give life to your ideas and create space for your needs.

Home staging: a few tricks from a Chicago interior design professional and you will be able to sell your property at higher price

You sell a property, but applicants are not rushing. However, property is not too attractive for them. The furniture is old, bath is cracked, the kitchen floor is torn. You have to go with the price down, usually says brokers. Or do you invite a home stager, which will create from your property a hot real estate deal.

Home staging, a service, which has been used for years by clients in the United States, is becoming the most attractive right now during the real estate crisis. The properties are not sold as fast as before, buyers of a new home carefully chose a properties. They are more demanding as well.

The owner of the property are now waiting to sell at least half a year. While experts argue that real estate prices have probably not fall, but how to sell a property without marking price down?

Desperate owners of unsold properties can get help from home stager. A person, who can embellish your property, so it will sell right away. He will not force you into complete the reconstruction, nor drag you through the shops with furniture and decorations. His mission is clear. Ideally he can use all items from four property.

If you choose to use this service, get ready for a two-hour consultation. Professionally trained professional will visit your home in person and walks with you all the rooms and explains where, what and how to adjust. This person will also tells you, what changes will have the biggest and best effect for your property to impress potential buyers, and for the minimum cost.

But do not confuse service with an interior design that is aimed to improve your home to be more cozy, so that it will better place to live. Unlike home staging, property must be well prepared for buyers.

The property should be neutral after the intervention of a consultant and as attractive as possible. Above all must stand out the functionality of the property, which should look like the hotel room, the clean, bright, spacious and with a minimum of furniture, stripped of all superfluous things, paint and matching accessories. One can not say that it is enough, just to clean up the property, or on the contrary, must be costly to renovate.

Advice of professionals? Walls in pastel colors, a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase with flowers. Do not forget even for a bathroom where you can place scented soaps and towels tied with ribbon. Its also useful to use interesting drapes or curtains. In any case, however, it depends on the property.


Professional preparation and presentation of properties for sale or rent. The service originated in the Chicago in the 80s, and it quickly spread to other states and countries.

What it also offers:

  • Removal and storage of furniture and belongings into storage with security guard on duty
  • Renting furniture and decorative items for the sale of real estate
  • Tips and advice on where to find bargain deals on furnishings or furniture
  • Contacts for reliable craftsmen who can make minor adjustments

Modifications that you are presented within a two-hour meeting, can be done either alone or in agreement by home stager. And either the same day or get you to arrange another date. But it will also depend – among other things – on the overall condition of your property.

For a good sale of the property it is also important to have a presentation on the Internet. Make your property stand out among the other ads, so it should be professionally photographed as well. Home staging can help even with that.

With a slight exaggeration, we can compare the presentation of the property to preparation of women for a social event. Everyone wants to be beautiful and dazzling. Therefore, she does not hesitate to go to the hairdresser, get into the salon and let cope with a selection of gowns, even though the hairstyle and makeup to cope can be done by herself at home alone.

Of course – it’s not free. Two hours of basic consultation will cost you usually couple hundreds of dollars. When they finish their work on the same day, it will be an additional service charge for every additional hour.

In the event that no change can be made in one day, for example due to moving furniture or delivery of necessary equipment, an agreement on a price for the additional work can be made.

Spacious, but not empty

It is proven that furnished properties are selling quickly and at higher price. Empty room is better to arrange furniture and accessories in order to beautify. Properly adjusted property can be eventually seem larger, roomier and more attractive to buyers.

How Can Chicago Interior Designers And Home Stagers Help To Sell Or Rent A Property Faster?

The purpose of home staging is professionally prepare the property for sale or rent. It is a set of rules, knowledge and experience, enabling them to make almost every property to become more attractive to potential buyers. After making home staging a prospective buyer who comes to visit, can easily imagine himself as the new owner.

Home stager work is increasingly necessary due to the prolonged real estate crisis and stagnation in the Chicago real estate market. To sell any property is now harder than ever. Home stager can help to sell property quickly and often at a higher price. They are able to transform private and commercial property interior and layout in way that applicants will be have an interest in buying property at first sight. At the same time they can prepare professional photographs for the presentation of real estate in the real estate market.

Home stagers, as well as interior designers, can act independently and offer their services directly to property owners who are considering selling or cooperate with real estate agencies, or be part of their team. They can also work with development companies in arranging sample apartments or houses.

Chicago Interior Designers Advice For Home Staging And Real Estate Agents

Home Staging gives real estate agencies and real estate agents significant benefits:

  • Your real estate properties will excel in comparison with competing real estate agents.
  • You will look more credible – you are not only just selling the property, but you are able to do sale professionally and recommend small adjustments or a professional home staging services necessary for the successful sale of the property.
  • Do you want to be a real estate agency that offers attractive landscaped property or just average property like the others?
  • It will also improve your marketing – if the property is well prepared and photographed, so it basically presents itself.
  • You will spend less time when selling a real estate and at the same time you will increase your own prestige by quick sale of real estate ( home, residences, apartment building or condominium ).
  • Currently, home staging has become an indispensable marketing tool in selling real estate. The current market is characterized by its competitivity which is won by real estate agents only who has the sharp elbows.
  • In the US, more than 75% of sales of real estate brokers use the home staging services.
  • Your marketed properties, which used home staging, will sell faster and in many cases at a higher price. Higher price = higher commissions for real estate agent.
  • Home staging is always cheaper option than a price reduction of the property.
  • If you sell the property faster, you will improve the reputation of your business. Each home seller expects to sell the property as soon as possible.
  • In the current situation on the real estate market, fast property selling can be achieved only in case that your offered property will differ from other properties on the market.
  • You will get more clients. Only a satisfied client will refer you to their friends, who are selling or buying property. More than half of the clients use real estate agencies services of a real estate agency that was recommended to him/her.
  • If you do not start using home staging for you or your firm, than surely these home staging services will be soon used your local competitors.
  • The first step to a successful sale are professionally photographed properties.
  • Enticing photo will appeal to more potential buyers who come and see the property – this will increase the likelihood of a quick sale.
  • Professional home stager is quickly becoming part of team of the successful real estate professionals and real estate firms.

What can you expect when using our home staging service:

  • You will learn how to convince the client about modifying estate for a successful sale.
  • You will learn to present the home staging as a proven and valuable service.
  • You will not be able to recommend inexpensive modifications that increase the value of the property, but also possible solutions to cope with their implementation.

Who use our home staging service most:

  • real estate developers
  • real estate agents
  • home builders and remodelers
  • home sellers
  • architects

Please contact us if you are interested in home staging for your real estate property.

Interior Design For Dining Room And Kitchen In Deerfield Home

Our interior design project featuring contemporary dining room in Deerfield home. Village of Deerfield, Illinois is located just north of Chicago. Divas N’ Design interior decorators have worked on several home & room improvements projects for clients that reside in this beautiful suburban place. Our most requested services included: interior decorating for dining rooms, kitchen, living rooms’ interior decorations, just to name a few.

Our interior design project for kitchen and dining room in Deerfield home

Interior Design - Deerfield Interior Designers - Dining Room And Kitchen

The kitchen and dining room are the most important places of any home. The kitchen is not just preparing our favorite dishes. It’s a place where we meet with our family, with our loved ones. It’s a place where we spend a lot of time that we want to enjoy as pleasant as possible. The kitchen reflects the personality of its owner. Each of us has their ideal kitchen’ ideas. But we always get the best.

The kitchen and dining room are considered extremely important. Therefore we should not underestimate kitchens and dining room decorating. Dining room is no longer just another functional space, but often a living room as well, because it is also a meeting place, with comfortable seating and for children’s games. For installing new decorations for kitchen and dining rooms, you should approach responsibly, consult the family circle and with interior design experts.

Today, we do not make difference between the kitchen, dining room and living room: simply our home living space with a zone dedicated to cooking. Kitchens are very important point for decision. Therefore, the equipment and accessories deserve the same attention as other parts of the home.

Trends and projects from the kitchen interior designer

When choosing the kitchen we cannot go without the latest modern styles, whether it’s materials or appliances. The trends command kitchens to carouse of color and gloss, with glass, and plenty of space. Large kitchen with connected dining room and open to additional space is gaining increasing favor between interior designers, manufacturers, and hence homeowners. It offers a place not only for activities related to cooking, but again, it becomes the center of the life for the entire family.

Durable, beautiful, functional dining room accessories

The trends are robust boards, albeit apparently. Most important factor for the selection of accessories is obviously functionality, ie resistance and stability. Possible and nice, but on the maintenance and hygiene challenging choice is definitely solid wood, the selection can also include ceramic material. Correct colors in the kitchen and dining room can do incredible things: red can speed up the pulse and induce appetite, yellow color beautifully lit space.

Together, we create the interior design of the kitchen and dining room with an attractive layout, design, decorations and with an emphasis on mastering functions of living. Pleasant home environment creates a feeling of peace, comfort and safety. Home should be a place that is not interchangeable with other locations.

We offer quality interior design for the kitchen, and other rooms in styles and prices that are affordable. Contact experienced interior design firm Divas N’ Design if you want to hire the best interior designers and decorators for your Deerfield home, residence or apartment.

Interior Design In Willmette By Our Interior Designers And Decorators

We did several interior design projects for homes and residences located in Wilmette, IL. Wilmette is a village in Illinois, United States. Many people from Chicago have second homes and residences in this beautiful village that is located just about 14 miles north of Chicago’s downtown area. It is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan and is a northern suburb of Chicago. Wilmette was also ranked as one of best place to raise children in the U.S.

Interior Design Wilmette  Living Room Before 01
Interior Design in Wilmette Living Room Before

Interior Design Wilmette 02
Interior Design in Wilmette Living Room After Our Work

Interior Design Wilmette 03
Interior Design in Wilmette Living Room After Project Was Finished

Interior Design Wilmette Dining Room Before Renovation 04
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room Before Renovation

Interior Design Wilmette 05
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room After Picture

Interior Design Wilmette 06
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room Look After Project Was Finished

Interior Design Wilmette 07
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room After Improvements By Our Interior Designers

Interior Design Wilmette Family Room Before 08
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room Before

Interior Design Wilmette 09
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room After

Interior Design Wilmette 10
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room After Decorations Were Applied In This Home

Interior Design Wilmette 11
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room After Work Was Finished

Interior Design Wilmette 12
Interior Design in Wilmette With Details

Interior Design Wilmette  Kitchen Before 13
Interior Design in Wilmette Kitchen

Interior Design Wilmette 14
Interior Design in Wilmette Kitchen After

Interior Design Wilmette 15
Interior Design in Wilmette Kitchen

Interior Design Wilmette 16
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Area

Interior Design Wilmette 17
Interior Design in Wilmette Master Bedroom Before

Interior Design Wilmette 18
Interior Design in Wilmette Bedroom

Interior Design Wilmette 19
Interior Design in Wilmette Including Bedroom Decorations

Interior Design Wilmette 20
Interior Design in Wilmette 2nd Floor Room

Interior Design Wilmette 21
Interior Design in Wilmette Additional Room

Interior Design Wilmette 22
Interior Design in Wilmette Featuring Detailed Picture of Room

Interior Design Wilmette 23
Interior Design in Wilmette With Furniture Accessories That Were Used In This Room

Interior Design Wilmette 24
Interior Design in Wilmette With A Room At Start Of Our Project

Interior Design Wilmette 25
Interior Design in Wilmette And Interior Decorations

Interior Design Wilmette 26
Interior Design in Wilmette Sleeping Area

Interior Design Wilmette 27
Interior Design in Wilmette With Beautiful Furniture That Match Colors Of Room

Interior Design in Buffalo Grove Home

Divas N’Design has realized many interior design projects in Chicago and Northern Illinois. About our experience is proven by numerous references in publications in local media, a broad portfolio of room remodeling and interior home decorating projects, but especially, dozens of satisfied clients. Our project in Buffalo Grove home: