Enjoy our French country interior design ideas and French provincial furniture decorating from our project

More about our French provincial interior design project:

This French inspired project was very enjoyable for all of us. Can you believe it all started with just yellow french provincial sofa furniture? We have found the yellow french provincial sofa at local estate sale and we have repainted the frame of the sofa white with touches of gold color in the crevices. The accent chairs were pink and completely redone and painted gold color with a French floral and leaf, grey and white chenille fabric. Another piece of furniture, the cocktail table was very dark brown and painted in a glossy white and the inset glass was replaced with mirror.

The dining room table and chairs were also redone with a white base and a dark brown color stained top. The cane back chairs were painted white and recovered with a yellow print fabric. A white crystal chandelier was added for the sparkle and glitz and the gorgeous white carved over sized mirror to bring extraordinary drama to the space.

The family room in this home is more relaxed with a slight touch of modern and animal, creating a cozy space to lounge.

The kitchen was created to be mostly in darker colors. Grey marble subway tile, white cabinets and a dark counter were added to some contrast.

The most important room – french inspired bedroom. The master bedroom speaks for itself with a king upholstered tufted bed with crystal insets inside the tufting. The french provincial drexel bedroom furniture set was completely refinished and redone with a metallic pewter stain and touches of gold to highlight the trimmings.

See more photos from our project featuring French provincial interior design and French decorating ideas

Pictures of interior design kitchen ideas from recent and finished projects

Interior design kitchen made with wooden look, brown colors and accessories
Designer furniture and accessories were used for this interior design kitchen project
White colors and furniture have playd primary role for this interior design kitchen ideas
Front view of old fashioned and finished interior design for kitchen
Complete view of realized and modernized interior design kitchen idea
Ideas for interior design kitchen with classic layout and colors
Recent and trendy 2016 kitchen interior design ideas that will make any kitchen’s visitors say “wow”

Interior design stages from initial ideas to completed project

Interior design services of an interior designer
We offer custom interior design of the agreed form of visualization. Interior design can be drawn, for example in the form of a 2D floor plan visualization. The design of your interior will include an overview of the proposed materials and furnishing elements in a coherent presentation. Arrange your apartment exactly to your liking, Divas N’Design will be a great help! We will help with the implementation of your own ideas and give you valuable advice in the selection of furnishings elements. We can recommend our certified installation company.

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization living room

Interior design visualization living room

Personal interior design consultation
Consultation with interior designers can be an inspiration for you if you plan to change your interior. Consultation includes eg. the selection of of furniture and the proper floor plan layouts, selecting the type of lighting, paint, wallpaper, tile, way of shading windows and any other ideas for your interior. We can also deal with a change of layout and interior walls, flooring selection and possible alterations during consultation stage.

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized living room

Interior design finalized living room

Designing of interiors
First, we hear what you like and in what way you feels good. Then we prepare the design of your interior and together with you we finalize proposals to the final design of your interior that will meet your expectations. We can also recommend a vendor for possible construction work and the supply of furniture. We recommend firms that have relevant work experience and can meet all interior design project needs.

What Can Interior Designer Offer You

Interior design has been recently a big boom. Let’s say, what all can do an interior designer for you… what’s his offer and the scope of work? How does it differ from the architect? And another, not very familiar things that you might be interested and maybe I did not even know about them before…

Interior design covers primarily the layout of the apartment or house from a practical as well as aesthetic and artistic point of view. Interior ideally should build on the overall architecture of the building, observe and respect the concept of its architectural style. Certainly should match the user’s lifestyle.

What is the difference between the architect and designer? The line between them is very narrow, rather these professions overlap…

Architect forms of architecture, home study and then possibly realization. It solves the insertion into the construction environment, thus urbanism space. His profession is close to the building, they must know the building codes. The extent of his work from the very study of the house, through the garden architecture, to the interior alone. Architect usually only addresses the placement of furniture in the building, but some architects made their way into the overall interior design. The architect usually has has an university degree.

Interior designer mainly deals with the internal layout of the apartment or house. Selects materials, furniture, accessories, etc, which gives the interior style and an atmosphere that is tuned precisely to the user. In some cases, may extend to the layout in the sense of the cutting rails and their movement or complete removal. All this is done in order to create an ideal environment. Some interior designers can work with the principles of feng shui. Designer constantly educates herself… attends fairs, courses, and discovers new innovations on the real estate market.

So, what all can designer offer to you?

As I mentioned interior designer works with the internal structure and gives the interior style and atmosphere. It may be the interior of the entire apartment or even just one room in the apartment, but also commercial space. Designer together with you will find the concept and the direction that will make your living more comfortable. They strive for natural connection with the client and interior building (exterior). The draft is reflected from this selection. The interior concept is not just putting the furniture together.

Designer’s work can be divided into two phases:

The first phase is the proposal itself, when designer, based on discussions with you, creates the final style of interior for you. Designer then visualizes interior and work with you to choose specific colors, materials, furnishing and decoration elements. Today’s designers are working with 3D visualization programs, which describe very well the overall layout of space and its atmosphere. The space is then better imaginable.

The second phase is realization, when the designer will assist in shopping and interior equipment to its final form.

These two stages are usually separated in budget, so you can go through the first phase only and the second phase can be done on their own, without the help of a designer.

Designer can offer:

Complete reconstruction of the interior – the layout of the possible movement of the walls, electricity and subsequent interior design (colors, furniture, flooring, etc.)

Redesign of interior – to rearrange the furniture, painting, new furniture, decoration (floor)

Interior decorating – introduction atmosphere into the interior, cosiness the space

Homestaging – arrangement of furniture, equipment and interior decoration in order to for better sales

All this at the design stage and then the realization, the range is depending on the client’s needs and space.

Interior designer deals with the selection and arrangement of floors, staircases, built-in features and furniture, and works with the material and color potential. Foresees possibilities of modern lighting, sound, control electronic devices, creates a different atmosphere and conditions for work or relaxation. Designer may also deal with atypical design elements and non-standard solutions to various problems, according to the possibilities and requirements of users and designers. Interior designer should also deal with a selection of fine works of art (paintings, sculptures), which round out the overall concept.

Each designer has its own work style; some keep only one direction of the interior, others design with respect to a particular project.

Finally, it must be said that the interior design is not just about buying designer goods for thousands of dollars. A good interior designer should be able to design a nice home at reasonable budget.

Interior Design For Dining Room And Kitchen In Deerfield Home

Our interior design project featuring contemporary dining room in Deerfield home. Village of Deerfield, Illinois is located just north of Chicago. Divas N’ Design interior decorators have worked on several home & room improvements projects for clients that reside in this beautiful suburban place. Our most requested services included: interior decorating for dining rooms, kitchen, living rooms’ interior decorations, just to name a few.

Our interior design project for kitchen and dining room in Deerfield home

Interior Design - Deerfield Interior Designers - Dining Room And Kitchen

The kitchen and dining room are the most important places of any home. The kitchen is not just preparing our favorite dishes. It’s a place where we meet with our family, with our loved ones. It’s a place where we spend a lot of time that we want to enjoy as pleasant as possible. The kitchen reflects the personality of its owner. Each of us has their ideal kitchen’ ideas. But we always get the best.

The kitchen and dining room are considered extremely important. Therefore we should not underestimate kitchens and dining room decorating. Dining room is no longer just another functional space, but often a living room as well, because it is also a meeting place, with comfortable seating and for children’s games. For installing new decorations for kitchen and dining rooms, you should approach responsibly, consult the family circle and with interior design experts.

Today, we do not make difference between the kitchen, dining room and living room: simply our home living space with a zone dedicated to cooking. Kitchens are very important point for decision. Therefore, the equipment and accessories deserve the same attention as other parts of the home.

Trends and projects from the kitchen interior designer

When choosing the kitchen we cannot go without the latest modern styles, whether it’s materials or appliances. The trends command kitchens to carouse of color and gloss, with glass, and plenty of space. Large kitchen with connected dining room and open to additional space is gaining increasing favor between interior designers, manufacturers, and hence homeowners. It offers a place not only for activities related to cooking, but again, it becomes the center of the life for the entire family.

Durable, beautiful, functional dining room accessories

The trends are robust boards, albeit apparently. Most important factor for the selection of accessories is obviously functionality, ie resistance and stability. Possible and nice, but on the maintenance and hygiene challenging choice is definitely solid wood, the selection can also include ceramic material. Correct colors in the kitchen and dining room can do incredible things: red can speed up the pulse and induce appetite, yellow color beautifully lit space.

Together, we create the interior design of the kitchen and dining room with an attractive layout, design, decorations and with an emphasis on mastering functions of living. Pleasant home environment creates a feeling of peace, comfort and safety. Home should be a place that is not interchangeable with other locations.

We offer quality interior design for the kitchen, and other rooms in styles and prices that are affordable. Contact experienced interior design firm Divas N’ Design if you want to hire the best interior designers and decorators for your Deerfield home, residence or apartment.

Interior Design In Glencoe Home Featuring Entry Area

Interior design and concept of this Glencoe home is governed by simple rules:

Doors, interior window frames and sills are in light brown. Fittings, blinds and outdoor window frames, are in the same color as the exterior plaster. The interior doors are from quality wood, window sills flush with the wall and the tiles are in large size – up to the ceiling, made by stonemasons corner. The unifying element in all parts of the home are rectangular edges, eg. on sink, batteries, fittings, lights, etc.

All the colors used in the home are in neutral shades, so client will not be limited when furnishing his/her place with new furniture, decorations and other accessories in the future. Attractive feature of the home is the use of large glass surfaces, which provide sufficient daylight in the whole place and unobstructed views.

We have also prepared and used a wide range of optional, high quality material and accessories at affordable prices.

Entry area photo:

Glencoe interior design project entry area
Interior Design in Glencoe Home Showing Entry Area’s Selected Colors And Lighting

About Glencoe, IL:
Village of Glencoe is located on suburban Chicago’s North Shore. The village of Glencoe is surrounded on three sides by upper income communities, with Highland Park on the north, Northbrook on the west, and Winnetka to the south. Village is predominantly a single-family residential area with many larger homes. Divas N’ Design, a Chicago interior design firm, did several home improvements project in Glencoe that also included complete interior re-design and new room decorations and furniture accessories.

Interior Design In Willmette By Our Interior Designers And Decorators

We did several interior design projects for homes and residences located in Wilmette, IL. Wilmette is a village in Illinois, United States. Many people from Chicago have second homes and residences in this beautiful village that is located just about 14 miles north of Chicago’s downtown area. It is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan and is a northern suburb of Chicago. Wilmette was also ranked as one of best place to raise children in the U.S.

Interior Design Wilmette  Living Room Before 01
Interior Design in Wilmette Living Room Before

Interior Design Wilmette 02
Interior Design in Wilmette Living Room After Our Work

Interior Design Wilmette 03
Interior Design in Wilmette Living Room After Project Was Finished

Interior Design Wilmette Dining Room Before Renovation 04
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room Before Renovation

Interior Design Wilmette 05
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room After Picture

Interior Design Wilmette 06
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room Look After Project Was Finished

Interior Design Wilmette 07
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Room After Improvements By Our Interior Designers

Interior Design Wilmette Family Room Before 08
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room Before

Interior Design Wilmette 09
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room After

Interior Design Wilmette 10
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room After Decorations Were Applied In This Home

Interior Design Wilmette 11
Interior Design in Wilmette Family Room After Work Was Finished

Interior Design Wilmette 12
Interior Design in Wilmette With Details

Interior Design Wilmette  Kitchen Before 13
Interior Design in Wilmette Kitchen

Interior Design Wilmette 14
Interior Design in Wilmette Kitchen After

Interior Design Wilmette 15
Interior Design in Wilmette Kitchen

Interior Design Wilmette 16
Interior Design in Wilmette Dining Area

Interior Design Wilmette 17
Interior Design in Wilmette Master Bedroom Before

Interior Design Wilmette 18
Interior Design in Wilmette Bedroom

Interior Design Wilmette 19
Interior Design in Wilmette Including Bedroom Decorations

Interior Design Wilmette 20
Interior Design in Wilmette 2nd Floor Room

Interior Design Wilmette 21
Interior Design in Wilmette Additional Room

Interior Design Wilmette 22
Interior Design in Wilmette Featuring Detailed Picture of Room

Interior Design Wilmette 23
Interior Design in Wilmette With Furniture Accessories That Were Used In This Room

Interior Design Wilmette 24
Interior Design in Wilmette With A Room At Start Of Our Project

Interior Design Wilmette 25
Interior Design in Wilmette And Interior Decorations

Interior Design Wilmette 26
Interior Design in Wilmette Sleeping Area

Interior Design Wilmette 27
Interior Design in Wilmette With Beautiful Furniture That Match Colors Of Room

Interior Design For A Naperville House

Complete interior design of a house in Naperville. The solution includes a living area with kitchen, stairways, hallways, bathrooms and entrance area.

We took a few pictures of luxuriously furnished interior of living room. We were happy with this implementation that was started from the initial room design to the final implementation of furniture accessories. We believe that this is very nice outcome of our work. This work meets the overall client’s concept, meticulous detail and material and color matching functions.

The photo shows the completed renovation and new look of living room in this Naperville’s house. We finished the interior design project on time, as required by client.

Living Room Interior Design For A Naperville House

Living Room Interior Design In Naperville House

Interior Design In Chicago’s Gold Coast Condo Featuring Our Bachelorette Pad Project

Our interior design “Bachelorette Pad” project for a Chicago Gold Coast condo has a mixture of many furniture and design things and styles from French, vintage and modern. The living room in this condo has a large sectional sofa paired with 2 zebra print with wood frame chairs in red velvet and a faux mink fir chocolate round ottoman table. The dining room in this condo has a concrete table with 6 modern leather chairs in white color, a modern crystal chandelier with a tone on tone black velvet French wallpaper. You can enjoy our work in these photos featuring our finished work in this nice Chicago Gold Coast condo.

About Gold Coast Near North Side, Chicago area:
The Gold Coast consists mostly of high-rise apartment buildings along Lake Shore Drive and facing Lake Michigan. The Gold Coast has became the home of the many rich people in the past 30 years. We have worked on several unique interior design projects for condos and residences located in Gold Coast area, including our “Bachelorette Pad” project.

Interior Design Chicago Gold Coast Condo 003
Interior Design in Chicago’s Gold Coast condo living room with large sectional sofa paired with two wood frame chairs

Interior Design Chicago Gold Coast condo 002
Interior Design in Chicago’s Gold Coast condo living room decorations and furniture

Interior Design Chicago Gold Coast condo 004
Interior Design in Chicago’s Gold Coast condo dining room with solid wood table, crystal chandelier and white leather chairs

Interior Design Chicago Gold Coast Condo
Interior Design in Chicago’s Gold Coast condo with this nice round ottoman table

Contact Us If You Are Interested In Room Decorating Or Interior Design For Your Chicago’s Gold Coast Condo

Interior Design In Chicago’s Wrigleyville Greystone For Townhome Located on Near North Side

We did interior design for a classic Victorian home located in the heart of one of Chicago’s most vibrant neighborhoods – Wrigleyville Greystone. Now, new home owner has ability to get the full city experience in this fantastic Wrigleyville home.

About Wrigleyville area:
Wrigleyville is one of the most affluent community area of Chicago, Illinois. Wrigleyville is located on the city’s North Side, near Lake Shore Drive and lake front. We have made several interior design projects for homes and condos located in this Chicago’s popular district. This neighborhood is one of the best place to live in Chicago.

interior design wrigleyville greystone living room
Interior Design in Wrigleyville – Living room was renovated with new decorating and designer furniture and two chairs

interior design wrigleyville greystone dining room
Interior Design in Wrigleyville – Dining room furniture was carefully selected to match wall painting and room’s floor and windows

interior design wriglyville greystone bedroom
Interior Design in Wrigleyville – Bedroom’s furniture and decorating is featured in trendy and modern style

Contact Us If You Need Interior Design Services In Wrigleyville Area