Chicago Interior Designers And Their Living Room Design Ideas For Condo Or Apartment

5 Smart Ways To Restructure Your Living Room By Chicago Interior Designers

The living room is the center of the home. We organize family celebrations there, we meet friends there and every night we used this room to relax. Therefore, from time to time living room deserves change.

1st Change – integrating the home office
Even if just no one in your family is working from home, you may need such a small home office. Everyone sometimes needs to deal with some paperwork, put his/her accounts in order, to study or work on the computer. You can have a table and perhaps a computer in the back of the living room that will be used according to current needs.

2nd Change – add so-called sun room
How do we get as much sun as possible into the room? By adding a glassed-in porch or outdoor living room that does not have a classical wall, but instead glass will be down to the floor. So you get enough sun light into your existing room. This extra room will increase the overall value of your home or condo as well.

3rd Change – Replace old windows with new ones
Replacement of new windows is difficult and expensive operation, but as the result you will surely find that after you replace old with new, efficient, you will reduce energy costs. Not only that, new windows will also improve the overall appearance of not only the living room but also the entire house or condo. In addition, if you choose impact-resistant glass, you can reduce a probable burglary in your place.

4th Change – search for additional storage space
Storage space is never enough and always can come in handy more. Try to find in your living room a place to discreetly hide media systems, personal belongings or for whatever else you’ve been looking for to store in your condo or apartment. Add recessed lighting inside the shelves, look for wall niches and built-ins, which could be used for additional storage space.

5th Change – home management of technologies from mobile devices
Install an affordable speaker systems that can be controlled via mobile phone. Thanks to smart phones, today, we can control remotely even lighting equipment, refrigeration systems, control the curtains or blinds, or already mentioned surround audio, or security camera equipment and protection to your home.

If you need help with organizing, decorating, choosing the best furniture accessories, or improving of your living room for your Chicago home, condo or apartment, you can always hire experienced interior designers. You can call Divas N’ Design if you reside in Chicago area.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Interior Designers And Their Living Room Design Ideas For Condo Or Apartment

  1. The purposeful arrangements of furniture and accessories is great idea. Very nice advice for a little flat, I like the unique solutions for a condominium.

  2. Simple, stylish, clean, logically arranged = in my opinion, it is perfect. However there is no revolutionary idea in what I see. It would be altogether practical rebuilding. Some variants are actually exactly the same, but they are probably a little less expensive, if owners do it by themselves.

  3. I glanced into the discussion, and I almost shocked that can not find more info about the reconstruction. Otherwise, in my subjective feeling, it is quite successful. It brought out the very best project I’ve seen here. Very nice and up to the owners when the become comfortable little bit. I would to see more from this project.

  4. So there is really interesting idea about the bathroom, especially the tub looks awesome with the lining. I do not care about the practicability, because it does not apply for me. Otherwise I like the one adorned the outside. I’d say that it is unique and also convenient.

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