Interior Design In Glencoe Home Featuring Entry Area

Interior design and concept of this Glencoe home is governed by simple rules:

Doors, interior window frames and sills are in light brown. Fittings, blinds and outdoor window frames, are in the same color as the exterior plaster. The interior doors are from quality wood, window sills flush with the wall and the tiles are in large size – up to the ceiling, made by stonemasons corner. The unifying element in all parts of the home are rectangular edges, eg. on sink, batteries, fittings, lights, etc.

All the colors used in the home are in neutral shades, so client will not be limited when furnishing his/her place with new furniture, decorations and other accessories in the future. Attractive feature of the home is the use of large glass surfaces, which provide sufficient daylight in the whole place and unobstructed views.

We have also prepared and used a wide range of optional, high quality material and accessories at affordable prices.

Entry area photo:

Glencoe interior design project entry area
Interior Design in Glencoe Home Showing Entry Area’s Selected Colors And Lighting

About Glencoe, IL:
Village of Glencoe is located on suburban Chicago’s North Shore. The village of Glencoe is surrounded on three sides by upper income communities, with Highland Park on the north, Northbrook on the west, and Winnetka to the south. Village is predominantly a single-family residential area with many larger homes. Divas N’ Design, a Chicago interior design firm, did several home improvements project in Glencoe that also included complete interior re-design and new room decorations and furniture accessories.

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