Interior Design Phases For Reconstruction Of The Interior Of A House Or Apartment

Each remodeling and interior design project may vary from a very small changes, for example, by adding or moving the furniture, painting and other details, to complete renovation, including the replacement of windows, demolishing walls and other important layout changes.

Definition of needs

In the first phase, it is important to determine future use of the renovated apartment or house by you and all the family members. Based on the defined needs, schedule phases for renovation of rooms and try to compare the shape of the interior plan to match the expected apartment’s or house’s use in the future.


If your documents are ready and if you are sure about what kind of room you need remodeled, we can go to consultation phase your ideas, help with clarifying your needs, draw attention to various difficulties and technical limitations of the project and recommend appropriate solutions, and process all variants of layout drawings for an apartment. This will help us with visualization of the project. We can make realistic renderings of the future interior of your apartment or house, including all details. At this stage, patterns, colors, materials, furniture and other can be changed.


After determining the final draft on the basis of visualization we can move on to the project, a set of documents necessary for the reconstruction of an apartment or house, including furniture, appliances or manufacturing of furniture. Moreover, the project also includes a selection of fixtures. According to the project also we calculate the cost of reconstruction, which is unchangeable and is based on early estimates.


After completion of the project, the actual reconstruction phase is realized by our company or by specialized local firm(s) with experienced workers. Reconstruction is a pre-planned in every detail, so it can be done without your participation on the work site. The reconstruction of an apartment or house consists of interior design changes, furniture delivery to customer and arrange other fixtures, which were selected in the project.

Handover of newly remodeled apartment or house

After completion of the reconstruction within of predetermined deadline, we will handover a newly renovated and furnished apartment or house.

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