Let Divas N’ Design, an interior design firm in Chicago, assist you with all your interior design needs with one of our design packages that best suits your needs:

10-Hour Package
For smaller projects:

  • One room
  • two smaller rooms
  • smaller office space
  • Planning space and furniture
  • Purchasing furniture
  • Choosing color schemes
  • Choosing window treatments
  • Selecting hard treatments
  • Selecting fabrics
  • Adding those final touches
14-Hour Package
For small to medium projects:

  • 2 large rooms
  • Medium sized office space
  • Entire floor level in your home
  • Space & furniture plans
  • Choosing furniture
  • Selecting colors
  • Selecting treatments for windows
  • Making fabric selections
  • Choosing hard treatments
  • Making finishing touches
20-Hour Package
For larger projects:

  • Up to 3 large rooms
  • Two entire floor levels
  • Multiple office spaces
  • Furniture plans and space plans
  • Selecting furniture
  • Selecting colors
  • Designing window treatments
  • Hard treatments selection
  • Fabric selection
  • Finishing off the room
24-Hour Package
For new construction:

  • Custom home renovations and additions
  • New homes
  • Office design
  • Kitchen remodels/design
  • Bathroom remodels/design
  • Basement remodels and additions
  • Selecting exterior and interior treatments
  • Flooring selection
  • Cabinet selection
  • Countertop selection
  • Appliance selection
  • Planning space & furniture
  • Selection of furniture
  • Selection of colors
  • Selection of window treatments and design
  • Selection of hard treatments
  • Selection of fabrics
  • Making final touches

We offer an initial consultation for a small fee, but if you hire us, we will take the consultation fee off the cost of your package, giving you a complimentary consultation!

* Depending upon the project and room, time will vary. We estimate that it will take approximately 10 hours per room. Due to the fact that each room and project is different, the listing of services under each package is just an example. We will customize our services to your project and its particular needs.

Interested in learning more? Visit our gallery to see some of our prior design projects.