Interior Designer – Karyn Musick

With more than 10 years of experience in my case means hundreds of successful projects and above all enthusiastic clients. The cornerstone of these perfect results is the extraordinary relationship with the client, based on mutual respect and trust. I will present myself and the client’s requirements with maximum attention. Thanks to that, I can prepare the best possible solutions tailored to a particular person.

That’s how I design the interior of a large family house and the design, condos of a mini studios for singles. In the same way I created dozens of interior projects as shown on a local Chicago TV show.

I design interiors of family houses, interior interiors of all sizes and commercial interiors including design of hotels, bars, offices and medical businesses. Thanks to the great realization team, I will ensure the transformation of the design into a real and nice interior.

My interior design experience and knowledge are available to you or your company.

First steps, dates and pricing.
Each project is different and the design is different as well. In order to create the best interior for you, I need to study plans or photos of the space you want to transform and know your ideas and expectations. You can send me this information via email or we can arrange a personal meeting. Then, I will prepare for you a model of cooperation that will exactly match the nature of your project. You will get know the real terms and the price of the project.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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