Color Consultation And How To Deal With Black And White Interior

The overwhelming classic in color consultation. Relation of black and white color in interiors is so often discussed. Contrasting colors in interior look beautiful. But do you know what is the right mix to make your apartment not to act coldly and languidly?

If you’re addicted to a combination of black and white just recently, and do not plan to redesign your apartment, try to focus on accessories. Perfectly sufficient is black or black and white carpet, cushions, vases and all sorts of decorations.

At first glance, leaving a dominant role in the interior to black and white colors may seem like an easy task. Nothing cannot go bad with choosing these colors. However, the opposite is true. Black and white interior is very specific and often may seem very cheaply.

Let it sparkles
One solution is to select the furniture, glossy finish, which is surely not cheapness. Currently, the most trendy, classic black and white because it adds pizzazz and contributes significantly to make the interior becoming a design issue. White color with shiny finish is now highly desirable and modern. Its primary advantage is the ability to combine with other colors and patterns, such as on modern wallpaper, distinctive upholstery, carpets.


  • Dining table in glossy black with easily become the dominant feature of the interior
  • White on the glossy profile panel acts gently yet effectively
  • In the modern dynamic interior black color can still be featured most

Distinctive color element
The combination of white and black is very sharp and is suitable for young progressive people, for example, for single living. Sharp and often impersonal active combination can be easily broken by the incorporation of one or even more vivid color or more vibrant colors.


  • Just one piece of furniture in vibrant color and white interior can act more vividly
  • A combination of white, turquoise and wood works great
  • Black and white interior can brighten up even a few shades of color

Plants and flowers
You must incorporate vivid flowers and fabric into the black and white interior, because it is often sterile operating environment! Do not forget on accessories, decorations and flowers. Nowadays, people forget on home accessories such as paintings, fabrics, pillows and rugs that will make a black and white interior very nice. These accessories play an important role in the interior.


  • Airiness and purity emits from the white space. Thanks to the live plants it becomes your oasis of peace.

Wood Accessories and Elements
Black and white interior can be made more enjoyable with wood elements. It does not matter whether you choose wood flooring or wood on complementary furniture. Or even both combination. This option is ideal if you do not want the dominance of black and white interior to be disrupted by other distinctive color and still not to act sternly and formal.


  • Wood does not interfere with domination of the black and white colors and interior will soak with the heat of home
  • Single living does not have to include plentiful ornaments and decorations, but with bright wooden floor, it can still act pleasantly and harmonious
  • Black color downright belongs to a bright space with glass walls

Do you like black and white interiors? Or do you prefer interiors with more colors?

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