Interior design stages from initial ideas to completed project

Interior design services of an interior designer
We offer custom interior design of the agreed form of visualization. Interior design can be drawn, for example in the form of a 2D floor plan visualization. The design of your interior will include an overview of the proposed materials and furnishing elements in a coherent presentation. Arrange your apartment exactly to your liking, Divas N’Design will be a great help! We will help with the implementation of your own ideas and give you valuable advice in the selection of furnishings elements. We can recommend our certified installation company.

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization home office

Interior design visualization living room

Interior design visualization living room

Personal interior design consultation
Consultation with interior designers can be an inspiration for you if you plan to change your interior. Consultation includes eg. the selection of of furniture and the proper floor plan layouts, selecting the type of lighting, paint, wallpaper, tile, way of shading windows and any other ideas for your interior. We can also deal with a change of layout and interior walls, flooring selection and possible alterations during consultation stage.

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized home office

Interior design finalized living room

Interior design finalized living room

Designing of interiors
First, we hear what you like and in what way you feels good. Then we prepare the design of your interior and together with you we finalize proposals to the final design of your interior that will meet your expectations. We can also recommend a vendor for possible construction work and the supply of furniture. We recommend firms that have relevant work experience and can meet all interior design project needs.

Interior Design And Decorations Steps And Costs Information

We mainly work on interior design and decorations for these kind of premises:
The interior of the family house
Interior of the apartment or condo
The interior of the home office

Proposal For Interior Decorations
Under the term of interior decoration you can imagine trivia that serves daily, but also aesthetic elements in the form of sculptures and paintings. Sheets consist of example decorations which would be appropriate to use in a particular area.

Colour And Material Solutions
Interior rooms require alignment of materials and colors to work harmoniously. The first impulse to transform the interior is to identifying materials of furniture, fabrics and overall color matching. Whether it is an apartment or room colors can generally act romantically or vice versa cleanly with designer furniture. The actual choice of colors and color influence on us can be positive, reassuring or aggressively. An important way is finding is the right colors for your place.

Selection Of Wallpapers, Fabrics And Lighting
Appropriate selection of wallpapers and fabrics and high-quality carpets are the means to the cosiness of the environment in which we live. An indispensable part of the interior is area with good lighting, as well as indirect lighting.

Selection Of Furniture
In Chicago market, there are many companies dealing with production of furniture, or its sale. When determining the financial limit by client, it is possible to compile sheets detailing the demand for a certain commodity. At the same time sheets meet aesthetic demands and requirements of the client to a specific furniture. We can choose the option that is financially very affordable, but we can also choose a costly variant with high demands on material quality and workmanship.

Custom Made Furniture
Furniture designed according to the client will be custom made. In order to be manufactured, it is necessary to create proper documentation. The proposal is processed in couple of versions – ground plan and spatially. The selected option is complemented by the dimension for fixtures or lighting. It is not a problem to create draft of atypical furniture for the whole room or just as a solitaire, a separate piece of jewelry in the form of furniture.

Implementation Interior Design And Decorations
If a client decide to hire us for an interior design project, we offer its realization from the start to finish. We will deal with all technical professions such as painters, decorator, carpenters, cleaning, etc. so client will be 100% satisfied with our interior design and room decoration work.

Cost of interior design and decorations in Chicago
Project cost for interior design project is usually in the range between $5,000 to $150,000+. Costs depend on client’s requirements and material choices. We have worked with all kind of clients’ budgets, small and large budgets. We can work with any budget and improve your place.

Interior Design And Decorations For Kids Room That Children Will Love


Interior Design of children’s rooms is depending on area – choose children’s room to be bright and large enough
Interior Design of children’s bedrooms needs to be adjusted the child’s age – young children need more space to play
Interior Design of children’s rooms needs consider the interests and hobbies of the child – room will need enough storage space
Interior Design of children’s bedrooms depends on price affordability and investment – choose rather quality materials

Children need their own world, which is very unlike ours. Let them to have it!
Children’s room is an integral part of each child’s choice is very important.
Children’s furniture grows alongside with your children.

Children’s room is growing with the child and over the years is subject to frequent, sometimes very thorough changes. Therefore, we recommend that children’s furniture is always best adapted to the current needs of children. This design of children’s bedrooms will help you to avoid common mistakes in arranging the interiors of kids rooms.

Younger children need more space to play with. Preschoolers should have been gradually getting used to the place, where they primarily draw, but from the first day of school class it will be the place where they will learn. It is therefore important to choose the right size, right location and height of the desk in the room, preferably place it close to daylight. Designs of children’s rooms for students. Students are learning more, so they will need more storage space.

Older children often require custom style that suits best their interests, sports activities, etc., Because they are formed and have a different personality. Designs of children’s rooms for older children. When designing children’s furniture we also distinguish different demands on the organization of the room, which shared by siblings with a larger age difference, and therefore other needs.

Designs of the children’s rooms with furniture and children’s furniture selection.

We find the right solution for you children’s furniture, which takes into account the spatial arrangement, the child’s age, ergonomic furniture etc. Of course, we will consider your financial budget. We pay attention to safe conduct and health suitability of furniture’s materials. We will offer you a wide selection of colors and recommend how to reconcile the color of children’s furniture with other parts of the interior. We provide furniture for children’s rooms, in which your children will find their colorful and safe world.

The main objective is to ensure the room are designed according to newest trends and also meet the needs of young residents. Our company itself prefers quality ecological materials and safe furniture. To us, however, does not prevent take into considerations clients’ own designs and inspired decorations of children’s rooms. All rooms are designed by using the latest collections of modern furniture and cheerful colors. All the modern needs of today’s life, teenagers are included in our proposals. It is no wonder that the rooms designed by us are loved by kids.

Together, we will create designs for children’s rooms with attractive design and an emphasis on mastering functions of living. Pleasant home environment creates a feeling of peace, comfort and safety. Home should be a place that is not interchangeable with other locations. Design of children’s rooms should meet the requirements of client, while taking into account all the functions imposed on the needs of children. Design of children’s rooms should make the most of the space in the apartment or the building available. Designs for children’s rooms and their realization we are here. Our colorful designs for children’s rooms offers an unusual and unique design solutions with elements of modern world trends. We strive to create designs for children’s rooms that inspire passion, they are unique but practical, with the wishes of their clients to the last detail. We offer high quality colorful designs for children’s rooms are modern in style, at prices accessible to all.

Do you need help with suggestions for interior design of children’s rooms? Call or contact us today!

Interior Design Ideas Applied By Interior Designer And Room Decorating Consultant

Interior designer transfer your ideas into visual design and you can see your future interior layout before implementation. Interior designer helps you create a personal space in which addresses mainly the internal room’s layout of the room from a practical as well as aesthetic point of view and try include your ideas and needs into architectural visual proposal. Interior designer will also advise you about specialty shops and reliable remodeling businesses, and save your time in rebuilding and realization of interiors.

How interior designer can advise you:

Interior designer helps with division of rooms
Interior designer processes the visualization space including realistic image of the interior before adjustments and investments
Interior designer suggests the color and material design interior
Interior designer deploys function in a house, room or kitchen cabinets
Interior designer proposes the necessary storage space
Interior designer advises about the psychological effects of color and space
Interior designer processes and design work before starting the production of atypical furniture
Interior designer works in the case of interest in ensuring the implementation of pricing solutions
Interior designer advises about furniture and other accessories, including market overview
Interior designer ensures that qualified suppliers will do the job

Interior design ideas are implemented by the qualified interior designer and room decorator

Interior design solves especially the internal layout of the house or flat from a practical as well as aesthetic, artistic point of view. Ideally be should build on the overall architecture of the building, with a concept that meet and respond to the user’s lifestyle. Interior design deals with the selection and arrangement of floors, stairs, furniture and fixtures and is working with their material and color potential. In some cases, it may interfere with the layout of the interior. All this is used to create the ideal environment for users. Finally, foresees possibilities of modern lighting, sound, control electronic devices, creates a different atmosphere and conditions for work or relaxation. Interior designer may also deal with atypical design elements and non-standard solution of various problems, according to the possibilities and requirements of users and designers. Interior design should address and offer a selection of fine works of art (paintings, sculptures), which fit the overall concept.

Interior designer and intended function of housing

We will create together the interior of your room with an attractive design and an emphasis on mastering functions of living. Pleasant home environment creates a feeling of peace, comfort and safety. Home should be a place that is not interchangeable with other locations, such as work place. Interior designer should try to meet all requirements of interior project by client and simultaneously consider all the functions imposed on housing. Suggestions from residential architect should make the most of the space. We will design a practical solution for your interior layout, discuss with you about interior accessories and furniture. Artistic craftsmanship of interior accessories will give you a point of originality unmatched elsewhere. Services of residential interior designer and decorator consist making decision about the spatial arrangement of the interior of your new home. Our colorful interior design offers a distinct and unique design solutions with elements of modern world trends. We are trying to create interior designs that inspire passion, they are unique but practical, with the wishes and ideas of our clients fulfilled to the last detail.

Interior Design Phases For Reconstruction Of The Interior Of A House Or Apartment

Each remodeling and interior design project may vary from a very small changes, for example, by adding or moving the furniture, painting and other details, to complete renovation, including the replacement of windows, demolishing walls and other important layout changes.

Definition of needs

In the first phase, it is important to determine future use of the renovated apartment or house by you and all the family members. Based on the defined needs, schedule phases for renovation of rooms and try to compare the shape of the interior plan to match the expected apartment’s or house’s use in the future.


If your documents are ready and if you are sure about what kind of room you need remodeled, we can go to consultation phase your ideas, help with clarifying your needs, draw attention to various difficulties and technical limitations of the project and recommend appropriate solutions, and process all variants of layout drawings for an apartment. This will help us with visualization of the project. We can make realistic renderings of the future interior of your apartment or house, including all details. At this stage, patterns, colors, materials, furniture and other can be changed.


After determining the final draft on the basis of visualization we can move on to the project, a set of documents necessary for the reconstruction of an apartment or house, including furniture, appliances or manufacturing of furniture. Moreover, the project also includes a selection of fixtures. According to the project also we calculate the cost of reconstruction, which is unchangeable and is based on early estimates.


After completion of the project, the actual reconstruction phase is realized by our company or by specialized local firm(s) with experienced workers. Reconstruction is a pre-planned in every detail, so it can be done without your participation on the work site. The reconstruction of an apartment or house consists of interior design changes, furniture delivery to customer and arrange other fixtures, which were selected in the project.

Handover of newly remodeled apartment or house

After completion of the reconstruction within of predetermined deadline, we will handover a newly renovated and furnished apartment or house.

Unique Interior Design in Chicago, IL for Mom Cave Inspirations

Our interior design team in Chicago, IL gave this very special mom a great space for resting, relaxing and enjoying a nice home interior. You can watch our interior design work, step by step inspirations that can be applied to your home and create an unique “mom cave” in your place.

Interior Renovations & Mom Cave Inspirations:

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Affordable Interior Design With Do-It-Yourself Ideas

We know that interior design and home decorating does not have to cost a fortune. You can watch this video that gives some easy to follow ideas and tips to help give your home a new look and feel at a budget friendly price. We will be happy to help you create a nice place to live and add a value to your real estate property.

This video from our YT channel shows great DIY tips for an affordable interior design:

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