Interior Design Ideas For Kitchen Suitable For Small And Narrow Chicago Apartments

Miniature kitchens, especially in Chicago apartments and similar large cities like Chicago, are often discussed topic since the issue of design and decorations for such mini space troubles many people. The real problem arises, however, when it comes to mini kitchens that have on top of everything else, the “noodle” shape. Do not lose heart, we have had a couple of tips and advice for you on how to cope with the arranging kitchens that are constrained by space, not only in size but also its shape.

For a narrow kitchen of smallish size you may end up with, for example, that you move into an one bedroom apartment, and at the moment your a child is born then you will suddenly need to arrange kid’s own room. This can be solved that from the narrow hall, a small kitchen will be made. This reconstruction entails still one major drawback, namely darkness. The hall is often without a window, and therefore the hall after the “re-design” adjustment for the kitchen will be very dark. Believe it or not, even with such a space our interior designers can do wonders. To prepare a dinner for a family of four on an area 19 inches is almost impossible. Therefore you create a a few work places. Hinged boards, extension and additional surfaces are therefore indispensable. Overlaying the kitchen sink or lower the window sill will get something extra. Extendable lower shelves are also the ideal solution.

Kitchen Interior Design Idea – Get rid of the shadows

When arranging kitchen think about plenty of light, whether in the form of traditional ramps with integrated spotlights, or perhaps in the form of light shelves in the cabinets, which are also aesthetic. Narrow kitchen space can be visually expanded by the use of different colors on the walls, this will also lightens up area. Long wall should be darker than the narrow side of kitchen. Optical magnification of area are achieved if you replace the top of the unit with shelves. They are suitable supplement all around the kitchen. An excellent solution for brightening dark kitchen is the use of mirrors. Try to install rather more individual mirrors smaller than the dominant one. It is cozy and reflect light in multiple angles. Interestingly also acts mirrors placed above the head – or above the upper cabinets. Diagonally positioned reflect the entire upper half of the line with the a work desk, giving you another dimension. Unconventional solution is to use a mirror tiles.

Each piece counts

Important is not only the size but also the number of cabinets. The smaller and narrower is the kitchen, the greater role is played by clever interior storage space amenities. To the word and will certainly come semicircular corner cabinets with revolving shelves, cabinets hanging from the ceiling, but again, as already mentioned, super close (4 to 6 in), and up to 6 ft high shelves. Dining area with table and chairs may very well replace bar, conceived as part of the cabinet. This feature of modern kitchen (or kitchen, dining room) refreshes and saves a lot of space. Large family dinners can be moved into the living room, and solved by is by using folding table. If you have obtained a smaller hood, you get more extra space. You can use it to locate additional upper cabinets. Remember to also make use of niches, you can built them into the shelves and then disguise stylish fabric curtain or roll-top.

Smart appliances are important part of kitchen interior design

Because we are concerned about every inch and we will choose a fridge-freezer from as the narrowest and tallest models. Appliances with lines and dimensions like fashion models are relatively easy to obtain, so there is plenty to choose from.

Caution about an Approach toward interior design trends

Narrow and small space seem to offer too many solutions for kitchen interior design modifications, but you should not totally limit yourself. It will look well a super modern minimalist unit, as well as the patina doors and drawers made of solid wood and decorative frames. But be careful when choosing colors and choose those shades that do not “drown” the whole corner even more. Ideal are bright wood veneer or white lacquer, as well as a glass door and, of course, the proper lighting must be installed; if not natural daylight, than at least sufficient number of spotlights.

As you can see, even with a small and narrow kitchen, our interior designers can “work”. Maybe it is not just the kitchen you have always dreamed of, but maybe just this tiny little room you feel about it cozier.

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