How Interior Design Works via the Internet

Interior design has changed with the development of the Internet and online services, a new service of remote Interior Design and Decorating has emerged. You can find it by using phrases like “online interior design”, “online interior decorating”,  “e-design”, or “online interior designer”.

The main difference in comparison to the “classic” interior designer, is that the online method is strictly done via internet and not in person. Part of the work that is commonly done by the interior designer,  measurements, photographs, initial interview, etc., is done by the client with guidance by the interior designer.

Online interior design

  • 1. The Interior Designer will help the client to define his needs and vision through details online. A questionnaire form will help define the details and the Designer will obtain and review the information.
  • 2. The Client uses the instructions from the Designer. The Client will measure, record the interior dimensions, draw up a simple plan and send it all to the Designer via Internet
  • 3. The Designer will create a plan for the project scope, which will be sent to the client via e-mail. If the concept is accepted by the Client, then, the Client will be asked to pay a pre-agreed price. Payment can be also requested completely before starting the contract agreement, even before creating the project plan.
  • 4. The online design process is very much the same as the classic design process. The designer creates the layout, color palette, project scope and a list of recommended products, including the budget.
  • 5. The realization of project is done by the client on their own. The Designer can include in the project development, links and contacts for recommend work procedures and trades to complete the project.

Interior design online

The main advantage of the online interior design process is the fact that it is more affordable than conventional Interior Design services and will cost less, because part of the work is done by the Client.

Online Interior Design services can be used by anyone, who resides in the US and all you need is access to the internet . The online interior design service is definitely not for everyone, if a Client needs more “one on one” communication and visualization, it would better for the client to contact a local Interior Designer, as, the Client can collaborate with the Designer in person.

Online Interior Design is relatively a new service that we offer. It’s an interesting option, especially if a Client wants quick suggestions and this service can also differentiate ourselves from our competitors.