Chicago Interior Designers Advice For Home Staging And Real Estate Agents

Home Staging gives real estate agencies and real estate agents significant benefits:

  • Your real estate properties will excel in comparison with competing real estate agents.
  • You will look more credible – you are not only just selling the property, but you are able to do sale professionally and recommend small adjustments or a professional home staging services necessary for the successful sale of the property.
  • Do you want to be a real estate agency that offers attractive landscaped property or just average property like the others?
  • It will also improve your marketing – if the property is well prepared and photographed, so it basically presents itself.
  • You will spend less time when selling a real estate and at the same time you will increase your own prestige by quick sale of real estate ( home, residences, apartment building or condominium ).
  • Currently, home staging has become an indispensable marketing tool in selling real estate. The current market is characterized by its competitivity which is won by real estate agents only who has the sharp elbows.
  • In the US, more than 75% of sales of real estate brokers use the home staging services.
  • Your marketed properties, which used home staging, will sell faster and in many cases at a higher price. Higher price = higher commissions for real estate agent.
  • Home staging is always cheaper option than a price reduction of the property.
  • If you sell the property faster, you will improve the reputation of your business. Each home seller expects to sell the property as soon as possible.
  • In the current situation on the real estate market, fast property selling can be achieved only in case that your offered property will differ from other properties on the market.
  • You will get more clients. Only a satisfied client will refer you to their friends, who are selling or buying property. More than half of the clients use real estate agencies services of a real estate agency that was recommended to him/her.
  • If you do not start using home staging for you or your firm, than surely these home staging services will be soon used your local competitors.
  • The first step to a successful sale are professionally photographed properties.
  • Enticing photo will appeal to more potential buyers who come and see the property – this will increase the likelihood of a quick sale.
  • Professional home stager is quickly becoming part of team of the successful real estate professionals and real estate firms.

What can you expect when using our home staging service:

  • You will learn how to convince the client about modifying estate for a successful sale.
  • You will learn to present the home staging as a proven and valuable service.
  • You will not be able to recommend inexpensive modifications that increase the value of the property, but also possible solutions to cope with their implementation.

Who use our home staging service most:

  • real estate developers
  • real estate agents
  • home builders and remodelers
  • home sellers
  • architects

Please contact us if you are interested in home staging for your real estate property.