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Divas N' Design Inc. | Phone: (847) 883-9200, is an interior design firm in Chicago, IL that provides residential interior design services for homes, condos, apartments and other residences. We design beautiful homes and condominiums in Chicago and the northern Chicago suburbs. Our Chicago interior designers and interior decorator from Divas N'Design will help you with decorating and implementation of unique design ideas for your kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, children's and kids rooms.
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I called Divas N’ Design to come out and give me a consultation for a home renovation project, updating my Kitchen, Master Bedroom & Bathroom. Karyn, Lyn and Bobbi came out within a couple of days of making my appointment.
They were very professional by first impression and offered a lot of wonderful ideas that would best fit my family and lifestyle. I had clicked with them right away and decided to hire them for my project.
They were very detailed with learning about my décor style and even more important, they were very conscious regarding my budget.
From the beginning, they were very involved with all of the trades and contractors, coordinating the schedules for each of the contractors and over saw the project entirely. The way they work with selections for each element, was outstanding. I never second guessed or worried that I had made a bad choice, as, they made it very easy for me to envision.
I had purchased a lot of the furniture and fixtures through them and I know that I got great pricing on everything. My entire project took about 6 weeks and they had everything completed by the date that was promised.  It was an amazing experience and everything turned out just gorgeous! I would definitely use them again in the future and would highly recommend them to my Family and Friends.

Lisa and Tim Gannon
Lake Forest - 2/19/15

We hired Karyn and Lyn from Divas N’ Design, to help us with the design concept for our new home. We had moved from a small condo in the city to a 3200 sq. ft. home in the suburbs and needed everything, since our last home had a combination of non- matched possessions from pre marriage.
We focused on the first floor, Living, Dining, Family Room, Kitchen, Office and Master Bedroom and Bathroom. Replaced the Hardwood Flooring, Carpeting and repainted the entire house.
They did an outstanding job with creativity to transform what we were looking to achieve. It all came together like magic and the end result was magnificent. We will be working with Karyn and Lyn again, with the next phase before the Holidays. We highly recommend them, very professional, yet, fun and a joy to work with!

Cheryl and Larry Beckman
Highland Park - 3/8/15

I love the Divas and their entire team! I had purchased a condo in the city and it needed a lot of work, so, I called the Divas in to do the job.
I told them that I wanted a “Bachelor Pad” that was stylish and easy to maintain, since I do a lot of traveling for my job. I’m a minimalistic type of guy and I like clean modern lines for my décor and they came up with some spectacular ideas that worked out very well. Even though my home is more modern contemporary, it doesn’t feel cold in the least bit. They had incorporated pops of warm color throughout my condo. I purchased all my furniture, window treatments, rugs, mirrors and minimal accessories from them and the process was flawless. They took care of everything for me and while I was gone on a business trip, they had delivered and set up the entire condo for me. It was above and beyond my expectations when I walked through the door, when I arrived home. Kuddos to Divas N Design and their Chicago interior designer team.

Robert P.
Chicago - 3/20/15